This electric kart claims to do 0-60 in a blink of an eye

How much would you pay to beat a Formula 1 car off the line?

We’ve all seen the numbers of a modern day shifter kart doing 0-60 in roughly three seconds, rivaling and besting most sports cars. And while that is impressive, enter the Daymak C5 Blast Go-Kart, made in Toronto, Canada, which cuts that time in half -- or so they claim. That’s faster than Moto GP and Formula 1, for reference.

If the thought of 1.5 seconds from completely stopped to 60mph makes parts of your body shrink, your wallet will shrink even quicker. At a price of $59,999 USD, you may have to decide between this new toy or that infamous Mini MAX engine from years past. The price appears to be entirely due to the 12 technologically advanced Electric Ducted Fan motors. There are four on each side of the driver, and another four behind the seat, making for a pretty aggressive and badass look.

The use of the four EDF motors on both sides of the driver give the kart 96kg of upward thrust, and when turned on, reduce the kart’s weight from 200 kilograms to 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds. In comparison, the Birel ART E-Kart weighs in at 165 kilograms, or 364 pounds.

From watching their promotional videos (below), the sound of the 12 motors, if authentic, almost reminds us of a futuristic starfighter. However, the jury is still out if this piece of technology can actually do the 0-60 time it claims as there hasn’t been any conclusive video evidence that we’ve seen.

The project is currently in it’s alpha stages as Daymak looks for partners and investors. Their goal is to break the world record for 0-60 time, but somehow their founder thinks that finding a driver is going to be hard.

“We just have to find someone fearless enough to drive it," their Lead Project Manager, Akili Sylvester, said in their press release.

We might know a few people who would be interested.