Joe Ramos to Return to Karting?

Former SSC President could return with CRG in North America

Earlier this year a familiar face returned to the kart track after not being seen for years. Joe Ramos, former co-owner of SSC, longtime CRG and Rotax importer. After attending the SKUSA SpringNats rumors started that he is going to be involved in a new karting circuit. Months later a new rumor started. This is karting we are talking about so you have to take any “rumor” with a grain of salt. This new rumor is that he will be involved with the CRG distribution in North America.

We decided to reach out to CRG after a month or two of hearing these rumors and various levels of this rumor and have come up with the following response.

“At this moment K1 (CRG Nations) and Joe Ramos are studying a new business strategy together.”

Now this is quite vague, but signs do lead to Mr. Ramos working again with CRG in North America. We are sure though that this is not a change in distributorship. We will keep you updated as we learn more.