Just In: SuperNationals 20 has its track layout

12 turns and just under a mile in length with diverse corners and a major passing zone into turn one.

Every year the anticipation of the SuperNationals track map turns it into an event of its own. The 20th anniversary edition seemed to have more excitement for it than ever before and now it's finally here! Today, SKUSA released a 0.84-mile, 12-turn layout that will give everyone something to talk about over the next two weeks. There are a wide range of corners: 180-degree hairpins, chicanes, decreasing radius, and a high-speed sweeper to finish off the lap. Drivers are going to love these variations we presume.

The only two drivers to compete at all 20 runnings of the world's largest karting event were called upon to create this years version. Bonnier Moulton and Howie Idelson were sent out to Las Vegas over a month ago to inspect, comb, and debate in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center on what they thought would be an ideal layout. We were told 25 versions of the layout were brought with them as they inspected the concrete jungle and it looks like they've decided on the one version that 500 competitors will shred rubber around.

At first look, we see the starts appear to be placed on the straightaway, not at the scoring line. That will lead the field into a sweeper (turn 12) before they stack up into the hairpin, which will act as turn two on starts. As far back as we can remember, this will be the first time drivers aren't thrusted into a hairpin to start, so that will be something to keep an eye on. As the race gets up to speed though, the official turn one is going to become a major overtaking point -- probably the best one.

As for passing zones, we see a possibility of seven overtaking spots. Does 8-9-10 turn into a follow the leader-type of combo or will there be passing opportunities here? Time will tell.

And lastly, finishing off the lap with a high-speed corner directly infront of the finish line is a completely new concept for this event. How will this corner shake out in the closing laps when karts are at speed and want that position? The extended runoff in this corner could get driver's thinking they have a "safety net" should they get ambitious.

The SKUSA SuperNationals are set for November 16-20 with television coverage coming days after on CBS Sports Network. Kart360 will once again be in Las Vegas for the fifth straight year with our detailed On Location coverage presented by PitKit Tools. We'll be talking even more about the layout next week to continue our countdown to SuperNationals XX. Stay tuned!