Q and A: WKA Man Cup New Castle Questions

Round three set to kick off this weekend and man do we have some questions

This weekend the WKA Manufacturer's Cup heads to the Super Speedway of karting tracks, New Castle Motorsports Park, for the third round of the championship.With a month off since the last round many questions are left with no answers heading into the weekend.

  1. How many entries will the series have this weekend? CMP was a very disappointing turnout for the series, but NCMP has always boasted some of the largest fields. Will the low entries continue or will WKA see a boost at one of the favorite tracks on many drivers.
  2. How many races will end with incidents in the infamous final corner?
  3. The weather is not looking so hot right now for racing this weekend, how will this affect the results?
  4. Indianapolis based iKart took their first win in Mooresville in the hands of Mike Giessen. How will the chassis show at their home race?
  5. David Malukas, Anthony Gangi Jr., Brandon Lemke, and Zach Holden have dominated the sportsman categories thus far. Will other drivers such as Michael d’Orlando, Giovanni Bromante, Neil Verhagen, and Lance Fenderson become real challengers to the lead quartet?
  6. The rookies took control in Kershaw with Derek Dignan winning both finals on Saturday and Garrett Johnston winning one final on Sunday. Can the rookies continue their success or will veterans Mason Chelootz, Mike Giesse, and Calvin Stewart take control at the front.
  7. The Birel duo of Grant Quinlin and Mike McAndrews has not had the most stellar start to the season. Will NCMP be the place where they can reignite their championship campaigns?
  8. Which TaG engine will be the best this year at New Castle? Since 2009 almost every engine has won including the Rotax, Motori 7, Leopard, and Sonik. The X30 showed very well last year taking pole on Sunday, but with ten less pounds.
  9. Who will challenge Scott Ferris in TaG Masters? Brian McHattie has been the only driver this year to put the fight to last year’s Champ.
  10.  It is rumored that 2012 TaG 1 champ Tommy Andersen will be sitting out this round to refocus his program for the remainder of the year after disappointing results at both Kershaw and Mooresville. Will he race? Tommy is third in the standings in Parilla Leopard.

Our questions were answered, and you can find them here.