ROK Cup OVRP Qualifying Report

New venue and new surface for ROK Cup competitors.

Rok Cup Midwest takes on new territory, entering the newly renovated Oakland Valley Race Park. Rain plagued the first few classes, making for a slippery newly laid track surface.

Senior was out first, as the skies opened up. Adam Rylance (PSL/BirelArt) was first out on track, quickly taking the top qualifying spot. Dario Cangialosi (MDR/OTK) would steal the top spot from Rylance, holding it for the remainder of the session. Carson Kapica (Team OVRP/OTK) and Stephen Mallozzi (Team OVRP/ OTK) were two drivers who struggled to find pace, with both drivers outside the top 3 despite impressive previous national level performances.

Junior Rok has been dominated by Tyler Gonzalez (Speed Concepts Racing/Tony Kart) and following qualifying he continued that streak being the only junior to break into the 44 second margin. All in all, there were no true hiccups and upsets with all drivers running respective times and performing adequately. Official race results show that Dillon Defonce, who qualified 2nd, received a DQ for failed tech, moving Tyler Maxson (Speed Concepts/OTK) to 2nd and Alex Yankowski (Checkered/FA) to 3rd.

Mini Rok had its usual suspects up front, with Nicholas Terlecki on pole, Alessandro De Tullio 2nd, and Connor Zilisch 3rd. Both Jesse Carrasquedo and Frankie Iadevaia appeared to struggle, being rather off their typical pace. It appears the new track surface and layout is becoming the talk of the weekend and providing quite a challenge.

Rok Shifter Senior, despite its low turnout of just 5, is shaping up to be exciting. Rory Van Der Steur edged Jett Nolan off pole by just .1 followed by Griffin Baylor in 3rd. Jimmy Cabrera who had an excellent podium finish in FWT Ocala, appears to be struggling to find pace, placing 5th in qualifying.

Rok Masters is a two way battle between Flavio Menezes and Miles Mahony. Menezes appears to have better pace, however as the weekend progresses we may see change. Rok Master Shifter has been merged with Senior Shifter as Janos Eiler is the lone driver of the class. He will start at the back of the Senior Shifter row for each race