Should we be planning on a new SuperNationals location?

It's inevitable that SKUSA moves from the Las Vegas Convention Center, but is that this year or next?

Have we seen the last of the Convention Center circuit adjacent to the Westgate?
Photo Credit: Kart360

The SuperNationals is known throughout the world as perhaps the largest karting race on Earth, annually run for 20 years in Las Vegas in November under the guidance of SuperKarts! USA out of Temecula, California. For the past two years, the event has been held in the parking lot adjacent to the Westgate Resort and Casino, owned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

It’s no secret that the racing surface in this parking lot is barely smoother than the moon, but like moths to the flame, we all get sucked in to Sin City every November for some of the best racing you’ll see all year.

Thanks to our loyal readers, it was brought to our attention recently that just over one month ago, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, one of the largest construction equipment shows in the world, was positioned on top of the Gold Lot at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the same lot that the SuperNationals has ran on for the previous two years. Among the equipment on hand were 20-30 ton cranes and bulldozers, showing off their capabilities on what some of us call a racing surface.

The Gold Lot, where karts are supposed to race on this fall, was brimming with substantial machinery in March. Does this ruin the pavement to the point SKUSA has no choice but to move their SuperNationals?

Now, maybe this wouldn’t be that big of deal on most days as we would assume the lot would be repaved or bumps trimmed down and racing would go on as usual, for better or worse. That would be true if it wasn’t for the document titled “Las Vegas Convention Center District, Strategic Master Plan (PDF),” by the LVCVA put out in October 2015. The document details a very specific four phase plan for the area that would turn the Gold Lot into a new exhibit hall during its Phase Two.

This “Master Plan” began in 2015 with the acquisition and demolition of the Riviera property as Phase One, which is now done. With the starting phase done, phase two -- which includes the Gold Lot -- is set to begin soon one would think; although the 2015 plan doesn’t say exactly.

With the discovery of this plan, we can draw some of our own conclusions. The LVCVA understandably has no intentions of repaving a surface they intend to demolish. SKUSA likely has no intentions in putting its competitors on a moon landing. And lastly, with MAXSpeed’s dissolution, the Rio is likely back open for business.

That three part equation has to make you at least a little curious and excited about the possibility of a new location this fall for one of our sport's biggest events. However, keep in mind none of this is corroborated, but this situation is something we all need to pay attention to as the season progresses.