Is this the SKUSA SuperNationals 21 track map?

Layout graphic placed in SKUSA marketing e-mail.

Each year, the track layout for the SKUSA SuperNationals has been an eagerly awaited event. With the race being hosted on parking lots dating back to 2002, this gives SuperKarts USA! the ability to open up the layout each year. Outside of a few repeat layouts at the Rio Hotel and Casino, most years see either a brand new or a tweaked version from the year before.

It was brought to our attention that inside some of SKUSA's marketing e-mails, the track layout had appeared in a graphic showing resort fees of nearby hotels compared to the $0 fee of the host hotel, Westgate Hotel and Casino. This particular track layout has also appeard in previous SKUSA marketing material on social media showing multiple layout sketches their team had been going over.

The fact that there is even a layout at all in this graphic perplexes us a bit. It's not necesssary for the content in which its placed (resort fees), so is this simply a placeholder decoy or an intentional leak?

Our working theory is that this is the layout, but perhaps not flipped in the right direction. It sticks out in our mind from the SpringNationals TomVersation video, when SKUSA Principle Tom Kutscher made it clear he wanted a straightaway that came down to the Las Vegas Strip. This graphic does not have that element, but if it were flipped 180 degrees, it would. Just sayin', something to think about.

There have been a lot of hits and misses over the years. Last year's layout, widely considered as a hit, was put together by long time SKUSA drivers -- and the only two to compete in all 20 SuperNationals -- Bonnier Moulton and Howie Idelson. The two were tasked with the duty of perfecting the layout for the first event at the Las Vegas Convention Center Gold Lot. As we reported in May, the Gold Lot is no longer accessible, forcing SKUSA to move the event a few blocks north to the brand new 1.1 million square foot Diamond Lot. With much fanfare, the two were invited back this year with the addition of 2003 ICC SuperNationals winner, Wesley Boswell, to prepare a behemoth of a track inside this new lot.