Video: CIK Euro Championships at Incredible Finnish Circuit

The penultimate rounds for OK, OK-J, and Academy Trophy championships competed at a relatively unknown circuit.

The two single-speed categories in the CIK-FIA European Championship and the Academy Trophy received the privilege of competing in Finland for the first time in years last weekend, July 21-23.

221 registered competitors all landed in Alahärmä, Finland at the Powerpark karting circuit, just a few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle to compete in their penultimate round of their respecitve championships. The circuit features a figure eight-style over-under bridge and speeds exceeding 80mph, according to official CIK announcer, Ian Salvestrin. Perhaps the most impressive stat is that they average 62mph around the entire course.

OK and OK-J kick off their final round today in Sweden, along with KZ and KZ2, amassing over 250 participants in only four categories. Academy Trophy will run their final round during the KZ World Championships in Germany in September.

OK Final

OK-J Final

Academy Trophy Final