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Big crowds gathered for X30 Senior

What We Learned in New Castle

We're hoping cooler heads prevail next time in X30 Senior and we dish some praise to the Champs.

Jarsocrak roars back on Sunday in X30 Senior

Like "the best golfer to never win a major", Brandon Jarsocrak was likely the best driver to never win a Pro Tour event. But Sunday that changed. Jarsocrak swept the day, in an incredibly impressive display of abilities at the toughest race in North America this year. His DNF on Saturday cost him a shot at the championship on Sunday, but the win certainly helps you get over that quickly.

Braden Eves again struggle din qualifying on new tires, but the Vemme Kart took off on the used rubber, moving up 13 spots in the pre-final and another spot in the final to finish second. Eves gave Jarsocrak everything he had, but came up just short.

Aftering being taken out in the Pre-Final, Jake Craig had a huge mountain to climb in the Final for championship glory. To win the title, Craig would need to finish second or third with the quickest lap bonus. Craig would fly from 25th to 3rd, missing out on the quickest lap by .1 and the championship as well. Craig will head to Vegas in November with the National Number 2 in defense of his victory a year ago.

David Ilavia finished off one of his better performances of the year in fourth, followed by Kellen Ritter in fifth.

The X30 Senior Pro Tour Championship will go to Ryan Norberg for the second straight year and the first time that's ever happened. Norberg finished ninth in the Final after starting 38th.

It should be noted that local favorite, Zach Holden, moved up a whopping 43 positions in the 25-lap final after a mechanical failure in the pre-final put him on the sidelines before the green flag. Holden entered the weekend with a chance at the Championship and showed great speed, but had a bit too much bad luck to pull it off.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 Brandon Jarsocrak 25 0.000 1:05.008 17
2 Braden Eves 25 0.013 1:04.934 15
3 Jake Craig 25 0.187 1:04.958 10
4 David Ilavia 25 2.209 1:05.064 20
5 Kellen Ritter 25 2.777 1:05.045 17
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Kinnear honors Alain Bordes with Pro Tour S4 victory

Ryan Kinnear and Jordon Musser continued their stranglehold on the S4 category into Sunday where Kinnear was able to turn the tables on Musser from 24 hours prior, picking up the victory.

The National number 1 and 2 drivers will swap their number panels in 2018 as Musser was able to secure the championship on Saturday with is win. Ben Schermerhorn grabbed the final spot on the podium in third, followed by Nathan Stewart and Derek Crockett.

It should be noted that Kinnear lost a dear friend, Alain "Frenchie" Bordes, a shortwhile back who he had met through this sport where many new friendships begin. The Houston, Texas native paid tribute to his friend through a full set of graphics displayed on his Intrepid kart all weekend. It was great to see Kinnear grab the win on Sunday with Alain on board.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 RYAN KINNEAR 19 1:03.614 17
2 JORDON MUSSER 19 0.403 1:03.646 17
3 BEN SCHERMERHORN 19 2.742 1:03.785 11
4 NATHAN STEWART 19 11.256 1:04.275 8
5 DEREK CROCKETT 19 17.259 1:04.431 8
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French leaves no doubt who the S1 champion is

It was all Jake French on Sunday in the premier shifter category of S1. French had locked up the Championship on Saturday with his instant-classic battle with Carlton, one he eventually won by mere inches.

That didn't stop him from staying focused on Sunday, however. The DKC driver had his abilities on full display, sweeping the day and making it look easy.

Gary Carlton was keeping French honest over the first 17 laps until a flat tire sidelined him, moving Austin Wilkins into second. Wilkins would later retire on the final lap, moving Billy Musgrave into second and Mathias Ramirez into third.

Sonoma winner, Nic Leduc and yesterday's podium finisher Kyle Kalish wrapped up the top five.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 JAKE FRENCH 25 1:02.713 22
2 BILLY MUSGRAVE 25 5.377 1:02.907 23
3 MATHIAS RAMIREZ 25 5.537 1:02.841 24
4 NIC LEDUC 25 12.16 1:03.126 24
5 KYLE KALISH 25 14.944 1:03.241 25
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Micro Swift Final

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 MATEO RUBIO-LUENGO 17 1:13.604 6
2 CHRISTIAN MILES 17 0.017 1:13.603 6
3 SEBASTIAN NG 17 9.573 1:14.205 6
4 LOGAN TOKE 17 15.067 1:14.309 2
5 FRANKIE IADEVAIA 17 18.204 1:14.292 9
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The unlikely weekend sweep from Mardan in X30 Master

Just like that, Laurentiu Mardan has doubled his Pro Tour winning number to two, after another daily sweep -- an incredible accomplishment given the stage.

Derek Wang ran on Mardan's heels in every session, grabbing the lead on a few occassions, but never could pull it off in the end. Although the battles went to Mardan, the war went to Wang, as he accumulated enough points this weekend to lay claim to his second X30 Master Pro Tour Championship, defending his 2016 crown for BBR Karting.

Scott Roberts ran with the top two, creating a trio of karts out front, but never made it past the third spot, where he eventually finished -- a half second back.

Travis Irving, having a shot at the title on Sunday, saw it all slip away in the pre-final when he threw a chain. Irving was able to drive from 24th to 4th in the Final aboard the Compkart to add a little pep to his step at the end of the weekend.

Irving's teammate at Formula Works Compkart, Jonathan Silva, put in the work to finish in the top five, just behind Irving.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 LAURENTIU MARDAN 19 1:06.907 16
2 DEREK WANG 19 0.337 1:06.850 16
3 SCOTT ROBERTS 19 0.455 1:06.898 17
4 TRAVIS IRVING 19 1.069 1:06.996 11
5 JONATHAN SILVA 19 1.208 1:06.966 17
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Kyle Wick put it all together on Sunday in S2

The Wick was fully turnt up as they say (nobody says that) in the S2 Final on Sunday, blitzing the field aboard the CRG. After coming home second a day before, the Pacific Northwest native had brought all guns blazing on Sunday, winning the pre-final and final in convincing fashion.

Nathan Adds ran uncontested in second, adding another podium to his weekend and DKC's. Local hero, Jimmy Simpson, jumps in a kart from time to time still and managed a very impressive weekend, capped off by the podium finish in the final, edging out Saturday's winner, Riley Dickinson.

Dickinson had the championship wrapped up after yesterday's triumph, so perhaps he took it a bit easier today. Either way, it was a huge season for the Texas kid and DKC, bringing in back to back championships in this category with Austin Wilkins in 2016 and now Dickinson in 2017.

Rory Van Der Steur was finally able to put a good session together this weekend, climbing 20 spots to fifth. He'll look to rebound in Vegas where he had tremendous speed last year.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 KYLE WICK 25 1:02.572 16
2 NATHAN ADDS 25 5.993 1:02.779 9
3 JIMMY SIMPSON 25 7.436 1:02.867 21
4 RILEY DICKINSON 25 7.542 1:02.885 23
5 RORY VAN DER STEUR 25 15.86 1:02.684 13
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Brown by .005 over Fairbairn in X30 Junior

Trey Brown held on for another win this year on the Pro Tour as the Nash Motorsportz driver somehow outlasted Jeremy Fairbairn down the long straight to the checkered flags.

The difference was a mere .005, which is the closest finished we've seen this weekend and recent memory.

Fairbairn led for the first 16 laps before giving the spot up to Brown and was never able to get it back in the final three. The race upfront was a carbon copy of Mini Swift with the top two clear of the field as they followed nose to tail, waiting for the final lap.

In third was Jak Crawford -- Brown's teammate -- who seemed to have the strongest kart on the track, inching closer to the top two without a draft or a push. Crawford was able to get to their doorstep on the final lap, but didn't have an opening to make it by. Crawford brought it home third today after a disappointing engine failure in yesterday's final running second.

Tyler Gonzalez ran alone in fourth ahead of Zachary Hollingshead.

Dylan Tavella's streak of three in a row at this event was snapped after he was involved in two incidents, with the second one sending him off course, putting him back into the 20s before recovering to 17th. Despite the result, Tavella is the Pro Tour champion after his big win yesterday secured the spot.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 TREY BROWN 19 1:05.167 16
2 JEREMY FAIRBAIRN 19 0.005 1:05.168 16
3 JAK CRAWFORD 19 0.093 1:05.113 18
4 TYLER GONZALEZ 19 3.743 1:05.489 10
5 ZACHARY HOLLINGSHEAD 19 4.935 1:05.189 10
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LaRoque goes back to back in Mini Swift

It was the perfect setup for Carson Morgan as he chased the Championship in Mini Swift in today's Final. The young Californian was able to break away from any possible conflict as he and Diego LaRoque set the pace well out front of the rest of the pack. Only a mechanical failure now stood in his way.

With Reese Gold and Nicholas Terlecki over a second behind, Morgan and LaRoque ran 1-2 mainly the entire way. LaRoque would get around Morgan on the final lap and it did not seem Morgan was all that interested in risking a move back to the lead, settling for second as LaRoque backed up his win from yesterday.

Morgan will give Benik Kart their third straight Mini championship on the Pro Tour as their domination of the category continues.

LaRoque, this early in his Mini Swift campaign looks like he'g going to be a force in Vegas and all of next year with BBR Karting.

Reece Gold will earn the Vice Champion position after a third place run. Terlecki ran fourth on the Merlin, followed by Anderson Leonard in fifth.

Hard charger went to Nikita Johnson, climbing 27 positions in 17 laps.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 DIEGO LAROQUE 17 WINNER! 1:12.565 14
2 CARSON MORGAN 17 0.341 1:12.574 14
3 REECE GOLD 17 1.945 1:12.492 11
4 NICHOLAS TERLECKI 17 2.451 1:12.557 11
5 ANDERSON LEONARD 17 4.44 1:12.646 11
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S2 Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
1 RILEY DICKINSON 1:02.170 4 4
2 NATHAN ADDS 1:02.226 4 0.056 5
3 KYLE WICK 1:02.332 4 0.162 4
4 SKY FINLEY 1:02.372 5 0.202 6
5 JIMMY SIMPSON 1:02.433 3 0.263 4
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X30 Junior Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
1 JAK CRAWFORD 1:04.460 6 6
2 DYLAN TAVELLA 1:04.784 5 0.324 6
3 TREY BROWN 1:04.890 6 0.430 6
4 JEREMY FAIRBAIRN 1:04.912 3 0.452 5
5 DYLAN GENNARO 1:04.941 5 0.481 6
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Mini Swift Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
1 NICHOLAS TERLECKI 1:12.357 4 5
2 JEREMY FLETCHER 1:12.407 4 5
3 REECE GOLD 1:12.464 5 5
4 DIEGO LAROQUE 1:12.603 5 5
5 CARSON MORGAN 1:12.650 5 5
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French finds a way to win in S1 over Carlton

Jake French was the class of the field in S1 for the Pre-Final, but had his hands absolutely full of Gary Carlton in the Final.

French led for the opening 17 laps before the Formula K pilot finally reeled in the Texan and overtook the lead into the slippery downhill corner of turn three. French would not go quietly into the night, as he seemed to have a horsepower edge over

Carlton down the straights. The two would swap the lead a handful of times over the closing 6 laps until it ultimately led to a drag race over the last 1000 feet. With just enough draft, French would squeeze by for the win by .02 and most likely securing the championship he's gone after for years.

Danny Formal and Mathias Ramirez each had their karts in third, but both eventually retired with mechanical failures, leaving Kyle Kalish to join the top two on the podium after a 10 month hiatus from the sport. Sonoma winners Nic Leduc and Billy

Musgrave raced Kalish hard for that podium spot, but came up short in the end.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 JAKE FRENCH 25 1:02.600 12
2 GARY CARLTON 25 0.020 1:02.549 17
3 KYLE KALISH 25 7.287 1:02.754 21
4 NIC LEDUC 25 7.697 1:02.640 20
5 BILLY MUSGRAVE 25 8.137 1:02.666 16
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Musser tightens his grip on the S4 championship

Jordon Musser had Ryan Kinnear hot on his heels througout the 19-lap final in S4, but never let the lead slip away as he led flag to flag.

The finish puts that much more of a gap between himself and Kinnear for the championship and will likely have to DNF tomorrow if his fellow Texan will have any shot at all.

Kinnear started the week off with a stomach bug and didn't get much or any practice in until this morning's warm-up. With a day of laps  now under his belt, he should have better trim tomorrow.

Ben Schermerhorn ran lonely in third, followed by Derek Crockett and Nathan Stewart.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
01 JORDON MUSSER 19 /1:03.628 10
02 RYAN KINNEAR 19 0.063 /1:03.600 16
03 BEN SCHERMERHORN 19 7.219 /1:03.885 10
04 DEREK CROCKETT 19 13.514 /1:04.325 9
05 NATHAN STEWART 19 14.607 /1:04.471 9
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Eves finds his footing in the Final of X30 Senior

X30 Senior stood up to the hype. The 57-kart field brought everyone to the bleachers and surrounding fence line and they put on quite the show for everyone. Braden Eves brought it big time in the final today for his second win on the year and probably enough to keep him in the chase for the championship.

After a mediocre qualifying run and some contact in the Pre-Final that dropped him to 16th, he wasn't on the radar of many. That was until he passed five karts on the second lap of the 25-lap final that the wheels were set in motion. The Ohio-kid, aboard the Vemme chassis, started to pick off drivers one by one and was up to seventh with 12 laps to go.

As Eves maticulously moved his way forward, the leader was AJ Myers, followed by Zach Holden, and Ryan Norberg. Jake Craig and Alex Bertagnoli completed the top five at the time.

As the fastest kart on the track, Eves made his move into third, jamming his way under Holden in the turn 6-7 combo. All that was left was Craig and Norberg, the two point leaders duking it out ahead. Norberg and Craig made contact with three to go that dropped Norberg into the dirt and back to fourth.

With Eves now in second, Craig moved to the inside of the first straightaway to block into the final hairpin. Eves pulled along side Craig and made the pass stick around the outside, seemingly a perfect pass as he was able to shut the door on 

Craig as they began their descent down the the long final straight.

Eves went on to win, and the pass held up Craig just enough that Holden scooted by into second. Craig held onto the final podium spot ahead of Norberg in fourth. Bertagnoli could only watch theh fireworks ahead as he finished fifth.

A penalty was handed down to Craig at the scales for avoidable contact, bumping him four positions down the order. These results are unofficial, but that penalty helps Norberg, Holden, and Eves in the championship chase which will be absolutely nuts tomorrow with how close they are.

UPDATE: Holden was found to be light on the scales and was thus disqualified.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 BRADEN EVES 25 1:04.820 19
2 RYAN NORBERG 25 0.312 1:05.004 12
3 ALEX BERTAGNOLI 25 0.815 1:05.115 15
4 MARJIN KREMERS 25 3.198 1:05.090 15
5 JAKE CRAIG 25 0.148 1:05.101 22
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Caleb Gafarar gets it done in Micro Swift

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 CALEB GAFRARAR 17 1:14.234 5
2 ELLIOT COX 17 0.070 1:14.288 7
3 FRANKIE IADEVAIA 17 0.162 1:13.978 11
4 BRANDON CARR 17 0.287 1:14.022 11
5 CHRISTIAN MILES 17 0.807 1:13.689 3
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Mardan sneaks in and sweeps Saturday in X30 Master

Laurentiu Mardan -- running out of the KartCraft pit -- has earned his first ever Pro Tour victory, coming moments ago in X30 Master.

Mardan had the lead taken away multiple times throughout the race but wanted nothing to do with following, as he would almost immediately pass back to the lead the next chance he had.

On the penultimate lap, Derek Wang had made the pass into the back hairpin, but Mardan would snatch the lead back up as they took the white flag. Typically we see drivers sit in second on the final lap so they can get the draft and use it to slingshot to the win -- but Mardan didn't care much for that strategy.

Mardan's strategy paid off as he was able to gap Wang just enough that the FA Kart driver could not get the draft of Mardan's Kosmic.

Two Compkarts found themselves in third and fourth with Jonathan Silva and Travis Irving, both out of the Formula Works camp. Irving climbed 19 positions to earn that spot, followed by Scott Roberts in fifth.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 RILEY DICKINSON 25 1:02.937 18
2 KYLE WICK 25 2.651 1:03.075 17
3 NATHAN ADDS 25 6.124 1:03.051 24
4 SKY FINLEY 25 6.262 1:03.075 23
5 JIMMY SIMPSON 25 6.783 1:03.199 13
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Dickinson sweeps the day in S2

Dallas Karting Complex and Sodi Kart continue to roll in these Stock Honda classes at New Castle as they just picked up the S2 victory with Riley Dickinson.

Dickinson is the current point leader and has extended that lead going into Sunday where it looks like it will take a near catastrophe for him to lose that top spot. The Texan made it look easy, leading flag-to-flag comfortably for his third win in five races on the Tour.

Continuing with the theme, Sodi Karts brought up three of the next four spots with Nathan Adds and Sky Finley -- both DKC drivers -- and Jimmy Simpson finishing third through fifth. Kyle Wick, winner of round four in Sonoma, ran second alone on his CRG.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 RILEY DICKINSON 25 1:02.937 18
2 KYLE WICK 25 2.651 1:03.075 17
3 NATHAN ADDS 25 6.124 1:03.051 24
4 SKY FINLEY 25 6.262 1:03.075 23
5 JIMMY SIMPSON 25 6.783 1:03.199 13
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Tavella earns third straight SummerNationals win in X30 Junior

Dylan Tavella has now put himself in really good championship shape heading into Sunday after picking up the win on Saturday in X30 Junior -- his third in a row at this event.

Like Mini Swift, a top-four formed early on and they kept it that way for the majority of the race. Tavella was joined by Tyler Maxson, Trey Brown, and Jak Crawford. Positions swapped but everyone stayed together until Crawford had an engine failure with around 5 laps to go as he ran in second, behind Tavella.

As he slowed, that created a gap for Tavella and allowed Tyler Gonzalez and Matias Zagazeta to close in and attach themselves to the now 5-kart train.

With Tavella 1-second clear at this point, Maxson had worked his way into second, where he would finish. Zagazeta moved all the way up to third in the final lap scrap, displacing Brown to fourth -- who led a few laps himself near the middle of the race.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 DYLAN TAVELLA 19 1:05.463 10
2 TYLER MAXSON 19 0.737 1:05.444 12
3 MATIAS ZAGAZETA 19 1.009 1:05.270 18
4 CALEB BACON 19 1.597 1:04.936 15
5 TREY BROWN 19 1.751 1:05.370 9
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First Mini Swift Pro Tour Win for LaRoque

Diego LaRoque won the drag race with Reece Gold to claim his first Pro Tour win in Mini Swift. The National Number 2 plate from Micro Swift a year ago is now well into his rookie campaign, making a name for himself with the older generation in this category.

LaRoque was consistently inside the top four the entire race, as were Gold, John Burke, and Carson Morgan. Those four ran the top of the charts from start to finish and as most cadet races go here at New Castle, it all came down to the final straightaway.

LaRoque held his line on the outside while Gold tried to get enough draft down the inside, but ran out of room -- giving the win to LaRoque who at one time ran fourth with seven laps to go.
The second place finish for Gold is one spot better than Morgan, who he's tring to leap in the standings this weekend. Gold was able to best Morgan in all sessions today, including qualifying, and that sets them up for a really tight championship battle on Sunday.

It should be noted that Burke qualified 23rd today and made it up to fourth in the final, fighting for the lead at times. It was a strong run for the Iron Rock Motorsports driver.

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 DIEGO LAROQUE 17 1:12.174 11
2 REECE GOLD 17 0.059 1:12.600 4
3 CARSON MORGAN 17 0.235 1:12.694 8
4 JOHN BURKE 17 0.252 1:12.608 11
5 ALEX POWELL 17 3.518 1:12.698 6
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S2 Pre-Final

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 RILEY DICKINSON 15 1:03.014 15
2 SKY FINLEY 15 3.018 1:03.218 5
3 KYLE WICK 15 3.073 1:03.246 8
4 NATHAN ADDS 15 3.123 1:03.246 11
5 JIMMY SIMPSON 15 3.340 1:03.163 11
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X30 Junior Pre-Final

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
01 TYLER MAXSON 14 1:05.250 14
02 DYLAN TAVELLA 14 0.028 1:05.355 14
03 JACE DENMARK-GESSEL 14 2.51 1:05.418 5
04 JEREMY FAIRBAIRN 14 3.173 1:05.036 10
05 TYLER GONZALEZ 14 3.241 1:05.261 6
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Mini Swift Pre-Final

Pos Driver Laps Difference Best Time Best Lap
1 REECE GOLD 13 /1:12.319 10
2 DIEGO LAROQUE 13 0.030 /1:12.302 4
3 CARSON MORGAN 13 1.442 /1:12.546 5
4 KAI SORENSEN 13 2.149 /1:12.448 6
5 KYFFIN SIMPSON 13 2.261 /1:12.330 6
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S1 Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
1 JAKE FRENCH 1:02.460 4 4
2 DANNY FORMAL 1:02.768 2 0.308 4
3 BILLY MUSGRAVE 1:02.796 2 0.336 5
4 GARY CARLTON 1:02.798 2 0.338 5
5 AUSTIN WILKINS 1:02.822 3 0.362 5
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S4 Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
1 MIKE JONES 1:03.481 3 6
2 JORDON MUSSER 1:03.534 2 0.053 3
3 PAOLO GAGLIARDINI 1:03.655 3 0.174 6
4 ROD CLINARD 1:03.825 4 0.344 4
5 RYAN KINNEAR 1:03.866 3 0.385 5
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X30 Senior Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
1 BRANDON LEMKE 1:04.583 3 5
2 AJ MYERS 1:04.647 2 0.064 2
3 ALEX BERTAGNOLI 1:04.707 4 0.124 6
4 ABBY MCLAUGHLIN 1:04.745 4 0.162 6
5 JAKE CRAIG 1:04.749 4 0.166 6
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Micro Swift Qualifying

Pos Driver Best Time In Lap Difference Laps
2 IAN AGUILERA /1:14.088 2 0.124 5
3 DANNY DYSZELSKI /1:14.274 5 0.310 5
4 MATEO RUBIO-LUENGO /1:14.303 2 0.339 5
5 FRANKIE IADEVAIA /1:14.370 5 0.406 5
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