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Gold Ascends to the Top in Mini ROK

It took nearly five laps for the start of the Mini ROK Final to settle in. By then, Reece Gold, who had started in first, was all the way back in fifth and the lead duo was Alessandro De Tullio and Luca Mars. Gold fought his way through an initial pack of karts that consisted of himself, James Egozi, Ashton Chilton, and Connor Zilisch. Zilisch, who ran as well as anyone on Saturday, didn't have the ideal Sunday he had hoped for and spun in the first half of the final, ending his opportunity for the win. 

Gold, now pulling away from the battle behind him, had his sights set on De Tullio and Mars. Running a quicker pace, Gold was inching closer as the laps ticked down. With three and a half laps left, De Tullio spun at the far end of the track and end of the long straight in an apparent self inflicted wound, moving Gold into second and onto the rear bumper of Mars. Mars, by the way, was in the lead after qualifying 16th with brake rotor issues on Saturday morning -- so his move to the front was quite impressive. Down the back straight on the final lap, Mars chose not to defend, giving an open door to Gold who took advantage. Mars, misjudging an overunder opportunity  had to back off as the two headed back down the short straight towards the mechanics stand. This misstep allowed Gold enough room that no challenge was given by Mars and the long time Benik-cadet driver took the win and sealed his ROK Cup USA Florida Championship.

Ashton Chilton finished off the podium in third, followed by a hard charging Jeremy Fletcher in fourth. Fletcher had been involved in an accident in the pre-final that brought out the red flag. He was checked out and proceeded to pass 18 karts in the final. Joey Atanosio had the final kart inside the topf five as he too charged hard, up 14 positions.

2017 ROK Cup Orlando Mini ROK Final

Pos Driver Laps Total Time Difference Gap Best Time Best Lap
1 GOLD REECE 15 59.445
2 MARS LUCA 15 0.449 59.430
3 CHILTON ASHTON 15 3.243 59.677
4 FLETCHER JEREMY 15 3.286 59.743
5 ATANASIO JOEY 15 4.64 59.532
6 LEONARD ANDERSON 15 6.306 59.730
7 EGOZI JAMES 15 6.316 59.452
8 SIMPSON KYFFIN 15 6.779 59.737
9 CHRISTENSEN MATTHEW 15 6.958 59.767
10 RODRIGUEZ LUCAS 15 6.985 59.351
11 BARRICHELLO FERNANDO 15 7.104 1:00.106
12 JOHNSON NIKITA 15 7.895 59.879
13 PERRA GRANGER 15 8.544 59.879
14 KELLY LIAM 15 11.692 1:00.111
15 ZILISCH CONNOR 15 13.44 59.531
16 BAPTISTE NICOLAS 15 13.952 1:00.219
17 SLATER EVAN 15 21.979 1:00.483
18 KOLAR JAKUB 15 22.093 1:00.518
19 LOCKHART JIMMIE 15 22.725 1:00.935
20 GERKE JACOB 15 30.135 1:01.361
21 JEFFERS JACK 15 34.387 1:01.259
22 DE TULLIO ALESSANDRO 13 2 Laps 59.483

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