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Ramirez penalized, promoting Barrichello to the win in Shifter ROK

Shifter ROK Senior has been kind of a bizzarre category this weekend. With drivers stalling on the start, engine failures, and spin outs, it's been hard to judge who would come out on top. That continued in the final when the man up front, Mathias Ramirez had issues on the grid that had him enter the track just in time to make the race. To get his positions back before the start, Ramirez chose to cut the track which is an automatic penalty in ROK Cup. So before the start, we were already in weird territory. On the start, Ramirez was called for jumping the green flag and Antonio Serravalle fell victim to a stalled kart, much like Danny Formal had happen in the pre-final -- the first time in his 15 years of racing, Formal later said.

Ramirez went on to whip the field with a stellar run, but with the penalties still to be determined, will drop quite a bit. The real race was then for second on track, as Danny Formal held the position for much of the race until Rubens Barrichello managed to get around and pull away in the late stages. AJ Myers was also moving through the field after starting in last due to a DNF in the pre-final. Myers made it up to fourth and was probably a lap or two from getting around Formal, but time had ran up. Formal finished third on track, but will likely be promoted to second after penalties ahead of him.

Myers had a machine to win this weekend, but will have to settle for third. Jimmy Cabrera, again, had a fine pace this weekend but just not enough to get into the mix, finishing fourth. Vicenzo Sarracino finished fifth, his best run of the weekend.

2017 ROK Cup Orlando Shifter ROK Senior Final

Pos Driver Laps Total Time Difference Gap Best Time Best Lap
2 FORMAL DANNY 18 2.863 51.443
3 MYERS A.J 18 2.997 51.389
4 CABRERA JIMMY 18 3.28 51.506
5 SARRACINO VICENZO 18 7.016 51.376
7 HARGRAVES NICHOLAS 18 10.678 51.551
8 STEVENS MICHAEL 18 11.007 51.647
9 FONSECA CARLOS 18 11.106 51.812
10 JORDAN AUSTIN 18 28.154 52.366
11 MONTALTO JOSE 13 5 Laps 51.910
12 ALVARADO JUAN CARLOS 1 17 Laps 54.568

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