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Eves finds his footing in the Final of X30 Senior

X30 Senior stood up to the hype. The 57-kart field brought everyone to the bleachers and surrounding fence line and they put on quite the show for everyone. Braden Eves brought it big time in the final today for his second win on the year and probably enough to keep him in the chase for the championship.

After a mediocre qualifying run and some contact in the Pre-Final that dropped him to 16th, he wasn't on the radar of many. That was until he passed five karts on the second lap of the 25-lap final that the wheels were set in motion. The Ohio-kid, aboard the Vemme chassis, started to pick off drivers one by one and was up to seventh with 12 laps to go.

As Eves maticulously moved his way forward, the leader was AJ Myers, followed by Zach Holden, and Ryan Norberg. Jake Craig and Alex Bertagnoli completed the top five at the time.

As the fastest kart on the track, Eves made his move into third, jamming his way under Holden in the turn 6-7 combo. All that was left was Craig and Norberg, the two point leaders duking it out ahead. Norberg and Craig made contact with three to go that dropped Norberg into the dirt and back to fourth.

With Eves now in second, Craig moved to the inside of the first straightaway to block into the final hairpin. Eves pulled along side Craig and made the pass stick around the outside, seemingly a perfect pass as he was able to shut the door on

Craig as they began their descent down the the long final straight.

Eves went on to win, and the pass held up Craig just enough that Holden scooted by into second. Craig held onto the final podium spot ahead of Norberg in fourth. Bertagnoli could only watch theh fireworks ahead as he finished fifth.

A penalty was handed down to Craig at the scales for avoidable contact, bumping him four positions down the order. These results are unofficial, but that penalty helps Norberg, Holden, and Eves in the championship chase which will be absolutely nuts tomorrow with how close they are.

UPDATE: Holden was found to be light on the scales and was thus disqualified.

** Only the top twenty shown below **

2017 SKUSA SummerNationals Saturday X30 Senior Final

Pos Driver Laps Total Time Difference Gap Best Time Best Lap
1 BRADEN EVES 25 1:04.820 19
2 RYAN NORBERG 25 0.312 1:05.004 12
3 ALEX BERTAGNOLI 25 0.815 1:05.115 15
4 MARJIN KREMERS 25 3.198 1:05.090 15
5 JAKE CRAIG 25 0.148 1:05.101 22
6 SAMUEL LUPIEN 25 9.629 1:05.270 22
7 KELLEN RITTER 25 10.001 1:05.308 25
8 BRANDON LEMKE 25 10.016 1:05.421 9
9 JACOB DONALD 25 11.552 1:05.346 18
10 MAX HEWITT 25 15.567 1:05.407 22
11 BRENDEN BAKER 25 15.854 1:05.567 15
12 JESUS RIOS 25 17.628 1:05.269 16
13 CEDRIK LUPIEN 25 17.981 1:05.399 22
14 WORAWONG KOMARAKUL 25 18.775 1:05.447 13
15 XANDER CLEMENTS 25 19.577 1:05.350 17
16 ANDRE NICASTRO 25 20.945 1:05.542 11
17 DARIO CANGIALOSI 25 21.191 1:05.810 12
18 COLTON RAMSEY 25 21.890 1:05.633 19
19 AYRTON KAZEE 25 22.029 1:05.675 25
20 CARLEE TAYLOR 25 22.164 1:05.518 24

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