FWT Palm Beach Rotax: The Photo Review


We wrap up round number two with 26 photos of the competition.

Renault F1 engine
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Historical race cars from around the world spent time on the PBIR full circuit for the weekend.
Mathias Ramirez panning shot
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As of Palm Beach, we see Mathias Ramirez as a serious threat in Senior MAX. We saw this for a long time coming, with Ramirez certainly living up to expectations. Andersen Racing and Ramirez will be amongst the heavy hitters in 2017.
Max Hewitt hits the final chicane at Palm Beach
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Turn 10 always holds a special place in a drivers heart. Full throttle, a clip of the curb, then down the long back straight brings excitement in every class. Here, Compkart's Max Hewitt takes a tight line through the final chicane before the start line.
Santiago Trisini helmet
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Cool helmets still don't win races, but they do get you into photo galleries.
Tommy Sirnard
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A clean decal kit, a stunning helmet, and factory suit. Dress for success as they say, and the rest will come. Canadian Tommy Simard in FP4 Thursday after joining KOENE USA this January.
MAXSpeed track marshaling camera
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HD camera's scatter the track at MAXSpeed events, but are they being used to their full potential?
Gary Carlton staring down the camera
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We have found it impossible to take a bad photo of Formula K driver, Gary Carlton. We believe there is a large margin for error when it comes to helmets looking "proper". Carlton has hit the nail on the head with this Lucky Designs lid.
Samuel Lupien
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Canadian Samuel Lupien is finding his way in the DD2 category, new to him for 2017.
Pageantry and atmosphere at Palm Beach
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MAXSpeed Entertainment has provided us with premiere events this year. Here, the third to last corner view for drivers as they head back towards the showcase hairpin.
Emmo Fittipaldi
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Emmo Fittipaldi rolls through the final chicane in FP5 on Thursday as the Vega rubber began to build.
Benik karts stacked up
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Karts prepped, aesthetic decals applied, and equipment ready. Benik, a cadet targeted team, held the majority of karts as usual in the Mini MAX class.
Gary Carlton from a birds-eye view
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Gary Carlton is one driver who always stands out. His incredible attention to detail sets him apart from most. Palm Beach was a mix of emotion for the American FK Kart factory driver. RoK weekend was nothing less of perfect, where the Rotax weekend was one to learn from.
Speed Concepts Racing driver
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Speed Concepts Racing is a team with a bright future to say the least. Karting powerhouse Mike Speed is the man behind it all, working relentlessly to bring the right equipment and drivers with him. Paul Bocuse is one driver who is looking to grow under Speed's team, and is certainly heading in the correct direction.
Scott Roberts
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Scott Roberts, the masters max driver, is no stranger to the P1 spot, taking victory last weekend. Despite spinning in the final, Roberts would work his way back up the field.
Norberg and Ramirez aboard Birel ART machines
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Birel ART was the star of the show in Palm Beach. The brand has seen great success on the American karting scene early on in 2017. Victory in Both ROK and Rotax in the senior divisions have been claimed on the red chassis.
Inside the Andersen Racing tent
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Anderson Racing can head home with the feeling of accomplishment, after Mathias Ramirez -- a rookie in the Senior MAX category -- took victory in Sundays final.
Yuven Sundaramoorthy
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Yuven Sundaramoorthy has proven he has the pace to win on the national level. The New York native suffered a surfeit of challenges in Palm Beach, but will be looking to come back stronger next month. Since joining PSL, growth as a driver has been tremendous. We look forward to observing his progress in 2017.
Tyler Gonzalez
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Tyler Gonzalez of Speed Concepts did everything he needed to last weekend. Pole Position, finishing no lower than third each race, and the final win weren't enough, however, as the young Floridian would be bumped down five spots for driving impediments.
Eduardo Barrichello
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Eduardo Barrichello as focused as can be, hungry for victory. The young Brazilians passion for success is unmatched, striving for greatness each event.
Arthur Leist
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Leaning hard into turn 4, Arthur Leist was a man on a mission. Following DNF`s in heats one and three, the RPG driver would have to fight his way from 13th in the pre-final. He would find himself finishing 5th in Sundays final.
Aidan Fox
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Aidan Fox continues to grow, race after race. It is only a matter of time till the Connecticut native claims the top step of the podium. With the backing of J3 and CompKart, that win is in the near future.
Ryan Norberg
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Ryan Norberg holds himself among the elite in American kart racing. Palm Beach Rotax weekend was unquestionably challenging, however, Norberg was more than capable of persevering. Although he came just short to Ramirez, his championship hopes will live on in Ocala.
Juan Diego Villacis
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Behold Juan Diego Villacis, the man who led the final for three laps. Not to be undermined, Villacis held his own challenging Kingsley who would go on to take victory.
Robert Wickens
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Zach Hollingshead from a birds-eye view
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Zach Hollingshead has been granted the spotlight at OGP after key departures over the years and is determined to prove himself. We felt he wasn't able to show us his full potential last weekend, missing out on the podium. Next round at Ocala is home territory for the Floridian, who will look to capitalize on the opportunity.
Jeff Kingsley
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Through the back chicanes, this was the line to follow. Kingsley mastered the curbing, allowing him to pull unbelievable gaps on Sunday.

Round two of the Florida Winter Tour Rotax series came and went in Palm Beach, Florida, February 17-19, 2017.

Photos by MAXSpeed Entertainment and Nick Leone of Kart360. Words by various Kart360 staff.