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Bridgestone introduces the new CIK Prime YNB (dry) and YNP (rain) tires to the US market

Published: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

As Bridgestone enters its 40th year of supplying premium kart racing tires to the US Karting market, Bridgestone Kartsport would like to confirm its product line for the 2018 season and beyond.  Consisting of two new compounds (YNB, YNP) along with two existing compounds (YLC, YDS), Bridgestone continues its practice of offering a complete range of tires for all sprint kart racing applications.

Homologated with CIK-FIA as the 'prime' compound, the Bridgestone YNB has already proven to be an outstanding tire in the KZ & KZ2 categories in WSK, the CIK World Championship and CIK European championship and will replace the YLM compound typically used in premier-level racing in the US.
Bridgestone has long been the tire of choice when it comes to wet weather racing and that dominance is set to continue with the new YNP rain tire which features a new compound and more aggressive tread pattern and replaces the YLP compound.

The YLC and YDS compounds have proven to be ideal tires for club, regional and national level racing for several years and both compounds will remain unchanged for 2018.
Continuing a relationship that exceeds 25 years, Bridgestone will be the exclusive tire supplier for the World Karting Associations 2018 six-race Manufacturers Cup series.

2018 Bridgestone Kart Tire Product Summary:

YDS Compound:  
Sizes: 4.5/10.0-5, 6.0/11.0-5, 7.1/11.0-5 
Durometer: 68 
Barcoded: no
Available: now 
Applications: Club racing with an emphasis on durability

YLC Compound: 
Sizes: 4.5/10.0-5, 6.0/11.0-5, 7.1/11.0-5 
Durometer: 48 
Barcoded: yes
Available: now 
Applications: Club, regional & national level racing, ideal for Briggs LO206 and Yamaha categories

YNB Compound: (NEW) Replaces: YLM 
Sizes: 4.5/10.0-5, 7.1/11.0-5 
Durometer:  36 
Barcoded: yes 
Available: September 1st Applications: Premier & National level racing

YNP Compound: (NEW) Replaces: YLP 
Sizes: 4.5/10.0-5, 6.0/11.0-5 
Durometer: 35
Barcoded: yes 
Available: late September Applications:  2 & 4 cycle rain racing

Please note: durometer readings are taken at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius +/- 2C (73.4F +/- 3.5F) with a humidity of 50% +/-5%. 

North American Distributors of Bridgestone Kart Tires

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  • Grand Products  Warminster, PA  215.244-1940 -
  • RLV  Santa Maria, CA  805.925.5461-