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CRG-USA and CRG Nations Partner Together for 2015

Published: Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

CRG USA has been named the Master distributor for the CRG chassis and product line after a historic deal was recently reached between CRG S.p.a founder and president Giancarlo Tinini and the K1 Group to make K1 the exclusive importer of CRG. CRG-USA will handle the existing network of CRG dealers and customers throughout the United States, as well as Canada. Essentially CRG USA will become the primary contact point for CRG dealers, teams, and customers who are looking to order and or receive support on any of the CRG product line, starting in 2015. CRG USA also becomes the official CRG factory race team for North America.  

“Dealers will place their order with us at CRG USA, which will then be sent directly to the warehouse for shipping,” CRG USA owner Stacey Cook explained. “We will also have full technical support for all CRG customers seven days a week.”

The agreement between CRG headquarters and CRG Nations will drastically streamline the process dealers and customers go through to get their hands on any CRG product. With CRG Nations becoming the exclusive importer for the North American continent, this allows CRG USA to focus all attention to trackside services at major races, and supporting dealers throughout the year. To handle the added responsibilities, CRG USA will be immediately hiring three new employees to help with the support and service of the dealers.

Cook and his staff at CRG USA maintained their operation as a CRG dealer for many years, before they became an importer to the United States in 2012, and they understand the hard work that dealers go through to stay in business.

“As we take control over the network of dealers moving in to 2015, we are going to provide much more clarity and stability for all of our dealers. Each dealer’s territory will be protected and supported,” Cook said when asked about his plans with the various shops and teams. “We will enforce well defined dealer agreements and rules to ensure that everyone will make money and support their customers”.
Cook also talked about the new website for customers that will feature online ordering, but will require customers to designate their respective dealer in order to ensure that that proper dealer gets credited with the sale. 

“Customers will continue to get the best service and support we can provide.” Stated Cook. “Most products will be shipped directly from San Diego. We will also have a full inventory at our Colorado location for urgent shipping issues. And as always, our race trailer will be fully stocked to support dealers and customers at the track.”

Current dealers of the CRG product line, as well as those interested in joining the CRG dealer network are encouraged to contact CRG USA at 855-TEAMCRG (832-6274), or by email at

As CRG USA becomes the point of contact for all CRG dealers in America and Canada, they also have been named the official Factory team for CRG in North America. Led by five time World karting champion, Davide Fore the race team side of CRG USA is guaranteed to be stronger than ever in 2015. Stacey Cook encourages any and all CRG drivers who are interested in joining the winning team to contact the team directly at 855-TEAMCRG (832-6274) or email them at