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MAXSpeed Group Moves Rotax Mini Max to 950 Chassis for 2017

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2016

In an effort to strengthen the Rotax MAX Challenge, which includes club and regional programs to ultimately build the top National championships, MAXSpeed Group will move the current platform of Rotax Mini MAX from the 1010mm chassis to the spec 950mm wheel base. This change comes after much consideration and research from the current American market. This adjustment will now follow suit with the new 2017 International Rotax Regulations.
In order to satisfy one of the main concerns with drivers outgrowing their equipment, the Rotax Junior MAX age limitations will shift from the current rule of 13-16 years old to 12-16 years old. This will allow drivers to move up one year early and create better economic opportunities for drivers in both classes. In addition, this rule change will align with all other programs across America.
Andrew Campbell, MAXSpeed Group: “The decision, as we know, is going to bring a new positive vibe to our clients, as we are going ‘back to the basics,’ while keeping future accumulative costs in mind. We understand there will be concerns, however, the future of karting is to ensure all drivers and new customers are able to be competitive. It is also important to secure rules for multiple years. We’ve also evaluated the impact of having too many SKUs as a dealer, which can complicate forecasting and product turnover. This is a step in the right direction, one in which we are quite confident will have a positive market impact.” 
New Rotax Mini MAX regulations and engine restrictions will be announced in the next few weeks.