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Team USA Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals: Qualifying Update

Published: Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

2015 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals Team USA
Photo Credit: Cody Schindel / CKN

Qualifying is complete at the International Karting Circuit of Portimao, and Derek Wang has secured pole position in DD2 MAX Masters for Team USA! Luis Schiavo also faired well in DD2 MAX Masters, finishing ninth overall. Kyle Kirkwood placed in the top-ten in Rotax Senior MAX, as did Trenton Estep in Rotax Junior MAX, both eighth overall in their respective classes.

Luke Selliken, Christian Brooks and Matt Solarczyk were three more Team USA drivers in the top-25 in Senior, with Darren Keane and Sting Ray Robb also in the top-25 in Junior. Jake French was the highest placing American in Rotax DD2 MAX, ending 24th overall. Tomorrow will feature Qualifying Heats #1 and #2. All results and the live broadcast can be found at

*Unofficial Results

Derek Wang with mechanic Stepanova Nekeel.

Rotax DD2 MAX Masters
1. Derek Wang
9. Luis Schiavo
53. Paul Bonilla
64. Scott Roberts

Rotax Senior MAX
8. Kyle Kirkwood
17. Luke Selliken
19. Christian Brooks
24. Matt Solarczyk
40. Jake Craig
65. Artie Carpenter

Rotax DD2 MAX
24. Jake French
35. Sabre Cook
64. Nathan Mauel
71. Nathan Adds

Rotax Junior MAX
8. Trenton Estep
23. Darren Keane
25. Sting Ray Robb
37. Mathias Ramirez
42. Anthony Gangi Jr.
55. Michael Michoff