Video: Real-life backwards driving ends marginally better than you imagined


Motor vehicles going backwards on a track is usually reserved for video games. In reality, it happened last weekend during X30 Senior Heat 1 on Saturday, July 29th, at the third round of the United States Pro Kart Series in New Castle, Indiana.

Clay Settles had lost his breaks heading into turn five, but a pack of karts had already rounded the turn 6-7 complex and were heading back into turn eight -- the opposite direction Settles was now running without brakes. In an instant, Jake Venberg -- who we're on board with in this video -- was the unfortunate victim of the brake malfunction. The Tony Kart of Settles slams into the front right-end of Venberg's Merlin kart, dislodging his GoPro in the process.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of it all was the impact. Neither kart flips over or runs over the top of the other. Both karts just come to a complete and abrupt stop. The race was immediately red flagged and called final as medical crews could cater to the drivers involved. According to those who witnessed the accident, both drivers only suffered minor injuries and are now on the mend.