Open House: OTK Kart Group

The inside look you've never seen before.

While at the Rok Cup International Final a few weeks ago we were invited out to take a tour of the OTK Kart Group factory located in Prevalle, Italy, which is around 20 minutes away from the South Garda Karting circuit. As you pull into the facility it does not seem as large as you invision, but the sight of the big glass windows and they Tony Kart logo on the front makes your eyes open just a bit larger. 

The front entry of OTK Karting Group

We met up with Andre from OTK USA, who would be leading us on this tour. In the lobby there is a beautiful display of a KF kart and a few offices surrounding. Before heading in the offices Mr. Robazzi welcomed us before heading back out to the track.

The kart assembly area.

After walking through the main office area we stepped into the manufacturing area where all of the magic happens. Right away there is a line of new Tony Karts, Kosmics, and FA Karts waiting to be shipped out to their new owners. From there we strolled over to where the karts are manufactured and checked out the robots hard at work welding up some new Racer 401 chassis.

One of the most impressive things about the facility is how well organized the building is. It is actually smaller than we had thought it would be, but they have done such a great job with their use of space. When we walked into the area where all of the components are made we got to watch a few parts being made such as wheels. Every third part made by one of these machines is taken to be inspected to insure the highest quality control. From there we checked out a few other areas including the R&D department where they are working on a few new projects including a rental kart.

At the end of the tour we were led upstairs where their trophy room/conference room is located. It is quite impressive the amount of hardware OTK has won over the years with names such as Fore, Ardigo, Piccini, Trulli, and Fisichella. Once again thank you to OTK for all of their hospitality.