FWT Palm Beach: Martins is your winner in Shifter ROK Master

Afer a bobble in the heats, Martins fights back to the top on Sunday.

Andre Martins
Andre Martins Photo: Cody Schindel/Canadian Karting News

After an excellent start, Adriano Amaral was able to comfortably gap himself over Michel Legrand in the early stages of the Final. Both Andre Martins and Farshad Bagheri seemed to have been “caught” in terms of pace, after controlling so much of the weekend. Despite this, Martins was relentless in fighting for victory, as he closed the gap to Amaral. Taking the lead with seven to go, perhaps Martins had one more trick up his sleeve.

Relatively helpless at this point, Amaral's hopes in victory would only stay alive given Martins suffered a mechanical failure or driver error. Rounding the final corner with a one and a half second gap, Andre Martins would go on to take the checkered. Amaral and Legrand finalized the podium with Bagheri in fourth.