Gafrarar handles Micro ROK in NOLA

Perhaps the nations best Micro driver, Caleb Gafrarar shows why at ROK Festival.

Caleb Gafrarar.

Despite the low turnout for Micro ROK, National front-runner Caleb Gafrarar still put in the work this weekend to better himself and the development of his Parolin cadet chassis. The Gafrarar's are running everywhere this year and it's paying off, having just captured a 10-second win in demanding conditions.

Santiago Duran ran in second on his Benik, followed by AJ Farag.

2018 ROK Festival NOLA Micro ROK Final

Rnk # Driver Laps Best Time
1 44 CALEB GAFRARAR 14 1:10.877
2 83 SANTIAGO DURAN 14 1:11.710
3 8 AJ FARAG 14 1:14.093