Logan’s launch critical in Shifter Master Final

A decisive opening lap lead gave Logan all the cushion he needed to cruise to the victory.

MASTER SHIFTER - SPONSORED BY: 3G KART RACING It's finally time for the main event at #SKUSASUPERNATS #SUPERNATS22 - 530 drivers from all over the planet are ready to do battle for the right to be called SuperNationals Champion.

Posted by SuperKarts! USA on Sunday, November 18, 2018

The ideal scenario unfolded for Rob Logan in the Shifter Master main event. A perfect launch off the line gave the Californian a 1.5 second advantage right from the get go, which only increased as the laps wore on. In the end, Logan picked up a massive win in his 9th attempt at the getting to the top of the mountain.

Jason Faint slotted into second place on lap one and initially chipped away at the lead gap. However, as the laps wore on, the Aussie started to fade just a bit, holding back Jordon Musser (PSL Karting / Birel ART) and Ryan Kinnear (Phil Giebler Racing / Ricciardo). That helped increase Logan’s lead to over 2-seconds as the trio of Faint, Musser, and Kinnear battled hard for that second spot.

On lap 13 the dam broke, as Musser got into second in turn one. Three laps later, Kinnear did the same, demoting Faint to fourth. The two Texans then went at it for second.

Kinnear closed onto the back of the Birel ART very quickly after moving into third over Faint. On the final lap, Kinnear used the draft down the long main straightaway to close on Musser and make the pass into one. The moment also presented itself for Faint, as he too shot past Musser a turn later. Kinnear, Faint, and Musser would travel the rest of the circuit in that order to the finish line, followed by John Crow four seconds back in fifth.

2018 SKUSA SuperNationals XXII S4 Final

Rnk Driver Gap Best Time Laps
1 Shifter M Winner! 41.397 #433 Rob Logan
2 Shifter M 2.456 41.292 #2 Ryan Kinnear
3 Shifter M 2.644 41.509 #422 Jason Faint
4 Shifter M 2.839 41.311 #1 Jordon Musser
5 Shifter M 6.605 41.716 #01 John Crow
6 Shifter M 7.112 41.546 #3 Nathan Stewart
7 Shifter M 7.958 41.543 #409 Tiffany Hamilton
8 Shifter M 11.257 41.781 #431 Nick George
9 Shifter M 12.491 41.689 #406 Jimmy McNeil
10 Shifter M 16.344 41.92 #413 Terry Lawrence
11 Shifter M 17.206 41.768 #403 Robert Marks
12 Shifter M 17.311 41.921 #404 Brett Harrelson
13 Shifter M 11.102 41.811 #02 Mike Jones
14 Shifter M 19.571 41.99 #410 Patrick O'Neill
15 Shifter M 22.066 42.114 #421 Ken Schilling
16 Shifter M 27.73 42.372 #444 Mike Rivera
17 Shifter M 34.198 42.596 #498 Jim Kidd
18 Shifter M 34.428 42.352 #455 Farshad Bagheri
19 Shifter M 34.759 42.605 #477 Beto Cavaleiro
20 Shifter M 35.059 42.634 #485 Myan Spaccarelli
21 Shifter M 35.603 42.487 #402 Darrell Tunnell
22 Shifter M 1 LAP 41.524 #449 Bonnier Moulton
23 Shifter M 2 LAPS 42.804 #428 Juan David Gomez
DNF Shifter M 5 LAPS 41.381 #411 Alan Michel
DNF Shifter M 9 LAPS 43.438 #407 Levi Bennett
DNF Shifter M 9 LAPS 43.068 #479 Miguel Garcia
DNF Shifter M 9 LAPS 43.247 #412 Octavio Arteta
DNF Shifter M 12 LAPS 44.086 #425 Mateo DeLeon
DNF Shifter M 13 LAPS 41.917 #405 Chris Jennings
DNF Shifter M 15 LAPS 41.771 #416 Mike Mantel
DNF Shifter M 15 LAPS 42.033 #420 Ryan Pool
DNF Shifter M 17 LAPS 42.377 #03 Rod Clinard
DNF Shifter M 17 LAPS 42.224 #415 Ben Schermerhorn
DNF Shifter M 19 LAPS 48.364 #499 Bryan Stauffer
DNF Shifter M 19 LAPS 48.227 #400 Alexis Cosia
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