FWT Palm Beach: Zilisch Overtakes Morgan Late in Mini ROK Final

Zilisch continues to roll in cadet, picking up the Mini ROK victory in West Palm Beach.

Connor Zilisch
Photo: Cody Schindel/Canadian Karting News

Mini Rok got underway with pole sitter Alex Powell leading the massive forty kart field to green, his glory would be short lived. Jeremy Fletcher quickly made his dominant mark into turn one, taking position one. Drama would continue to build as an incident entering turn 3 including, Brendan Crews, Noah Baker, and a series of other front runners influenced the front order. Jeremy Fletcher continued to hold off Alex Powell, followed by Carson Morgan, and Connor Zilisch.

Approaching halfway, in typical Mini fashion, we began witnessing trains in groups of threes and fours. Carson Morgan had now made his way to first, with Zilisch and Fletcher pushing behind. The next train just one second back was obtained by James Egozi, Diego Laroque, and Alex Powell in that order. However, contact in turn one between Morgan and Zilisch allowed Fletcher to take the lead, but also created the eight kart train of Fletcher, Zilisch, Morgan, Egozi, Laroque, Powell, Johnson, and Leonard that we started with.

Fletcher with two to go drops a wheel exiting turn eleven and drops to ninth as Carson Morgan inherits the lead followed by Zilisch. The two pulled a massive ten kart length lead to the rest of the pack following the incident as the final lap unfolded. As Zilisch and Morgan entered the back stretch contact wouldn't be made between the two, putting Zilisch in the lead to take the win.