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2019 FWT Miami 1: Mars promoted to first following Crews bumper penalty in Junior ROK

A wild last lap had Crews climb three spots, pushing back his bumper in the process.

Luca Mars 2019 Florida Winter Tour Round 1 Miami
Luca Mars carries his speed around the turn five and six complex in front of his Speed Concepts team hauler. Photo: Johnny Johnson / Kart360

The first 17.5 laps the 18-lap Junior ROK Final was led by pole sitter Luca Mars, who had come under attack on multiple occasions, but had never relinquish the lead as the leaders made it to the final lap. At this point the gloves were off and Diego Contecha (Orsolon Racing / Tony Kart) and Brent Crews (Nitro / Kart Republic) wanted the top spot. With Mars defending, Contecha used some bumper to try and move the Pennsylvanian, unsuccessfully, in the turn four hairpin. Directly behind was Crews, who had now made it into third with a pass on Lucas Staico (Orsolon Racing / Tony Kart). As the lead three made their way into the turn five-six double-left, Contecha again pushed Mars unsuccessfully, but it was enough to leave room underneath for Crews to snake his way through, past both drivers, to take the lead as they exited turn six.

Unfortunately for Crews, his bumper had already been pushed back in a similar situation laps earlier and he would be charged a five-second penalty in post-race tech, handing the win to Mars. More penalties to teammates Staico and Contecha promoted Canadian Mackenzie Clark (Prime Powerteam) to second. Compatriot Justin Arseneau (Speed Concepts / Tony Kart) benefitted as well to get into the final podium spot. Chloe Chambers (Mike Doty / Kosmic Kart) had her best run of the weekend to finish fourth ahead of Staico after his three position driving penalty.

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Sunday brings wild set of finals to Stars and Stripes Open

Unpredictability was the theme for the final day of racing in Pittsburgh.

Luca Mars enters turn 3 at pitt international race complex
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Qualifying heats wrap in Pennsylvania

Drivers compete in 15 qualifying heats, setting the grid for Sunday.

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2019 Stars and Stripes Open: What to watch for

The race formerly known as Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals returns to the Northeast.

Arthur Leist celebrates
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2019 ROK Fest Biloxi: Finals Report

Many charges to the front highlight the final day in Biloxi.

Dale Curran
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2019 ROK Fest Biloxi: Heat Race Report

Heat, humidity, and rain gave competitors all they could handle on Saturday.

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2019 ROK Fest Biloxi: Qualifying report

Drivers find their spots on grid in the Mississippi heat.

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ROK Festival Biloxi: What to watch for

New facility brings new energy to karting event yards from the beach.

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Stars and Stripes Trophy: Norberg, Pierson, Adams lead the way on Sunday

Four new drivers invited to the Grand Finals in Italy to represent the USA, Canada, and Belgium.

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Stars and Stripes Trophy: Qualifying and heat racing in the books in Utah

Morning dampness gave way to sunshine and intensified racing in the afternoon.

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2019 Stars and Stripes Trophy: What to watch for

J3 finally gets to showcase their event organization and the Senior MAX lineup looks to be stellar.

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Florida Winter Tour Round 3 Championship Report

Incredibly close points championship races highlight the final day of competition.

Diego Ramos
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Florida Winter Tour Round 3 Pre-Finals Report

Ramirez, Ramos, Arsenau, Sorensen, and more prove to be the best on a long but important Saturday of racing in Ocala.