ROK Shifter Clutch Maintenance

In this lesson you'll learn how to remove and replace the clutch on your ROK Shifter for inspection and cleaning.

What's Needed:

  • 5mm hex key (Allen)
  • 4mm hex key (Allen)
  • Torque wrench

To start, grab your 5mm hex key and remove the four bolts holding the clutch guard. After removing the guard, place the parts nearby. Now, grab your 4mm hex key and start the removal process of your clutch cover. Have caution when removing these six bolts as they are spring loaded.

After all bolts have been removed and they're organized in your work area, place one hand on top of the engine and another in front of the cover. Lean the engine toward you and let the cover and clutch plates fall into your hand. You should end up with 11 total plates: six disks and 5 spacers.

With your plates removed, at this time make sure to get everything clean and inspect your disk plates for damage. Legree recommends a break clean solution and rag to get everything looking good.

The reassembly is as simple as repeating the order of plates as they came out: disk, spacer, disk, spacer, etc. However, there are two types of disks: larger pads and smaller pads. The larger pads go in first and last; the smaller pads go in the middle.

Here's a representation of the detailed order of plates:

  1. Large padded disk
  2. spacer
  3. Small padded disk
  4. spacer
  5. Small padded disk
  6. spacer
  7. Small padded disk
  8. spacer
  9. Small padded disk
  10. spacer
  11. Large padded disk

*clutch pads should face you as you push them in.

During this process, after each plate is added, turn the crankshaft a quarter turn. When you've inserted the final disk, the clutch should now be locked into position.

All that is left is fixing the clutch cover and guard to the engine. The cover can go back on in any position as long as it's held into place. You should feel when the cover is engaged. Legree recommends including new clutch bolt springs after each clutch maintenance. The springs come with any standard ROK Shifter clutch kit.

To reattach the cover, initially thread the bolts with your fingers before you move onto the 4mm hex key. Tighten each one down snug opposite one another (like a star pattern), which will help from over tightening one side more than the other. These bolts can be over tightened and stripped, so be careful to avoid that. Grab your torque wrench and apply 4.6 ft/lbs of torque in an alternating pattern, like the previous step.

Lastly, the guard is now ready to be reattached. Thread the bolts with your fingers to begin, then move to your 5mm hex key. These bolts too can be stripped, so be careful when tightening. A torque wrench isn't required, but if you want to use one, Legree recommend 6 ft/lbs of torque.

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