Johnny Johnson

Huge Win for Austin Wilkins in S2

Sodi Kart on top when it counts.

Austin Wilkins S2 Sodi Kart
Austin Wilkins. Photo: Johnny Johnson /

In a day that was looking like it was going to belong to Kyle Wick, Austin Wilkins puts his Sodi Kart on top when it counts. Kyle Kalish kept going forward all day and made his best finish in the final, running 1.6-second behind in second. Harry Gottsacker finished off the podium and keeps his great month of racing going. Kyle Wick looked solid in the heats, but came up short in the final, finishing fourth.

Sting Ray Robb had just a horrible set of heats, not finishing either one and wrecking his CRG in the process. But he hung in there and looked determined as ever in the final, gaining 18 spots to finish fifth and turning the fast lap by an astounding 6-tenths of a second.

Race Results - Top Five

2016 SKUSA SummerNationals S2
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
1 22t Austin Wilkins 0.000 46.236
2 219j Kyle Kalish 1.643 46.078
3 69t Harry Gottsacker 0.569 45.950
4 109z Kyle Wick 0.115 45.948
5 316z Sting Ray Robb 1.285 45.259
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
6 012m Arturo Hernandez 0.382 45.938
7 100t Garrett Boone 2.591 46.404
8 146y Jason Pettit 0.424 46.251
9 435y Hunter Kelly 0.207 46.113
10 1 Callum Smith 0.357 46.036
11,11,23c,KC Cook,12,9.522,1.949,00:00:45.946,11,00:11:02.402,,
12,12,8k,Kol Bailey,12,11.076,1.554,00:00:46.019,11,00:11:03.956,,
13,13,18t,Vincent Cossard,12,11.378,0.302,00:00:46.293,11,00:11:04.258,,
14,14,6j,Darin Marcus,12,12.062,0.684,00:00:46.305,12,00:11:04.942,,
15,15,96t,Lawson Nagel,12,12.307,0.245,00:00:46.284,9,00:11:05.187,,
16,16,725q,Tyler Guilbeault,12,14.061,1.754,00:00:46.546,11,00:11:06.941,,
17,17,142j,Derek Dignan,12,14.501,0.440,00:00:46.535,11,00:11:07.381,,
18,18,55x,Morghan Loganathan,12,14.958,0.457,00:00:46.502,11,00:11:07.838,,
19,19,12x,Robert Heck Jr.,12,15.524,0.566,00:00:46.564,11,00:11:08.404,,
20,20,081y,AJ Juergens,12,16.328,0.804,00:00:46.742,11,00:11:09.208,,
21,21,7f,Don Whittington,12,17.711,1.383,00:00:46.490,11,00:11:10.591,,
22,22,777x,Josh Early,12,37.991,20.280,00:00:47.115,11,00:11:30.871,,
23,23,19k,Jim McKinney,6,,,00:00:47.674,3,00:06:22.799,,
24,24,327j,Andrew Bujdoso,6,,,00:00:47.816,6,00:06:24.662,,
25,25,36y,Hunter Pickett,1,,,00:00:48.716,1,00:02:24.642,,
26,26,29n,Rory van der Steur,,,,00:00:00,0,00:00:00,,
27,27,97t,Sky Finley,,,,00:00:00,0,00:00:00,,
28,28,412a,Collin Daley,,,,00:00:00,0,00:00:00,,
29,29,94c,Aaron Schmitt,,,,00:00:00,0,00:00:00,,
30,30,46n,Kyle Smith,,,,00:00:00,0,00:00:00,,