CRG with Cunati on Wackersdorf's podium at the KZ2 European Championship

Simone Cunati conquers the 2nd place in Wackersdorf with the CRG Modena Kart team and becomes a candidate for the KZ2 European Championship title. In KZ Hiltbrand is 11th for a penalty and De Conto 13th.

Modena Kart team
Modena Kart with Simone Cunati. Photo:

The first round of the FIA Karting European Championship for the shifter classes KZ and KZ2 in Wackersdorf, Germany, saw the CRG colours on the podium with Simone Cunati, with the Modena Kart team, fantastic protagonist of the KZ2 category where he achieved an excellent second place.

The weekend in Germany was quite troubled for an unexpected rain and cold weather in spring, and the CRG Racing Team drivers faced several problems precisely for the bad weather on a number of occasions, especially on Saturday during the qualifying heats under a heavy rain.

The overall balance for the CRG colours was nonetheless positive. In KZ the 2 times World Champion Paolo De Conto (CRG-TM) couldn't perform at his usual level during qualifying practice and heats because of some technical problems, but during the Final he was making an excellent race before a contact between Stan Pex and his teammate Hiltbrand make him lose several positions.

A better weekend for Pedro Hiltbrand, racing with Iame engines, that showed a great speed during all the phases of the race, even if a penalty for a contact in the Final threw him out of the top ten.

In KZ2 the second place achieved by Simone Cunati with Modena Kart was incredible, very fast since the qualifying practice with the best time in Series 2 and then 4th overall after the heats. In the Final, Cunati was still very competitive fighting for the victory until the finishing line, where he was at only 62 thousandths from the winner Skaras. In the championship standing, Cunati is in second place with 27 points, at only 7 points from Skaras.

Among the CRG drivers, Benjamin Tornqvist of CRG Holland was particularly unlucky, 6th in the overall after the heats but forced to retire in the formation lap of the Final for a technical problem. It should be pointed out the performance of the Spanish driver Gerard Cebrian, who ended with a positive 12th place, so as Max Tubben (CRG Holland) 15th. Andrea Dalè made an excellent recovery from the bottom of the grid until finishing 16th, ahead of Jean Luyet that also made a nice recovery. Filippo Berto in the end was 24th for a penalty. Francisco Javier Sagrera, Kas Haverkort (CRG Keijzer Racing) and Marco Valenti couldn't qualify for the final for a handful of points.

The drivers' comments:

Pedro Hiltbrand (KZ): “The contact I received a penalty for was a race episode: it's unthinkable that such an action that penalized my teammate was intentional. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find stewards with instruments and experience to analyse what really happens on track and why. For what concerns our technical balance, instead, we are very satisfied as we had an excellent pace and great speed. Our Road Rebel chassis confirmed to be the top and also our Iame engine proved to have a high potential, if we consider that we are in the first development phases.”

Paolo De Conto (KZ): “We had some problems to find the performance during this weekend. But we collected a lot of data and we have all the instruments to analyse and try to understand quickly what didn't allow us to be fast. Moreover, the changeable weather didn't help, but we have clear in our minds what didn't work and we'll be back more competitive in Sarno, even if it will be difficult to fight for the title, after the race contact that didn't let me finish in top ten.”

Simone Cunati (KZ2): “It's been a perfect weekend: excellent team work (Modena Kart), the performance of our Road Rebel chassis and the TM engines by Galiffa. Now we go to Sarno with the 2nd place in the championship and all the potential to fight for the title.”

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Next meeting with the KZ and KZ2 Eueopean Championship in Sarno on June 16th.

FIA European Championships' calendar 2019:
21.04.2019 - Angerville (F), OK, OK-Junior
05.05.2019 - Wackersdorf (D), KZ, KZ2
19.05.2019 - Genk (B), OK, OK-Junior
02.06.2019 - Kristianstad (S), OK, OK-Junior
16.06.2019 - Sarno (I), KZ, KZ2
21.07.2019 - Le Mans (F), OK, OK-Junior

Jorrit Pex, Fabian Federer, Pedro Hiltbrand in a line on track in France
CRG and Jorrit Pex on the podium in KZ at Salbris

The first round of the KZ European Championship in Salbris has had an exciting final, as Jorrit Pex ended his race in second place and Paolo De Conto in fourth. Pedro Hiltbrand forced to the retirement from the lead. Top ten finish in KZ2 for Benjamin Tornqvist.

20180227 Crg Yearbook
2017 Yearbook by CRG

A hardcover publication of more than 140 pages to describe the 2017 season of CRG, covering sporting, commercial and technical aspects.

20180424 Crg Hiltbrand
CRG: Good race for Hiltbrand at the European Championship in Sarno

The opener of the CIK-FIA European Championship in Sarno welcomed the first podium of the season for Pedro Hiltbrand in OK.

Pedro Hiltbrand
CRG, two podium at the Winter Cup with Hiltbrand and Federer

Pedro Hiltbrand secured the third step of the podium in OK at Winter Cup, Fabian Federer alike in KZ2 with Team SRP. Paolo De Conto completed a great comeback race. Gabriel Bortoleto off in the Final, after being among the main protagonists of OK-Junior.

Pedro Hiltbrand
CRG in Sarno for the opener of the European Championship

The International Circuit Napoli in Sarno (Italy) will stage the opener of the CIK-FIA European Championships for OK and OK-Junior from April 20th to April 22nd 2018. The await is mounting ahead of the new season. CRG present in full ranks in both categories.

20180212 Crg Briggs
The Briggs Kart Championship website is now online

All information regarding the promotional entry level project by CRG and BRIGGS & STRATTON are now available on the official web page

20190502 Crg Deconto
CRG: The KZ and KZ2 European Championship kicks off in Wackersdorf

The official team lines up De Conto and Hiltbrand in KZ, Cebrian, Valenti, Berto, Sotiropoulos and Sagrera in KZ2.

20180417 Crg Denner
CRG, strong start at the DKM opener in Lonato

CRG drivers put in a strong start to the DKM campaign at the South Garda Karting in Lonato, with Trulli winning Race-1 in OK-Junior, Hiltbrand in KZ2 and Denner in KZ2 Cup, the latter completed a stunning double win in the second race too. Good performances for Haverkort (Zanardi) and Rosso in OK.

Pedro Hiltbrand
CRG, Hiltbrand and Bortoleto protagonist of WSK in Adria

The first round of the WSK Super Master Series at the Adria Karting Raceway has welcomed Pedro Hiltbrand's comeback to CRG, and he has been shining in OK putting in a good performance. Gabriel Bortoleto also had a solid run in OK-Junior.

Img 0820
LeCont: performance and endurance at Le Mans 24 Hours Karting

If running for 24 hours is a big challenge for men and machines, it is also a daunting challenge for a type manufacturer.

20180410 Crg Bortoleto
CRG to the fore at WSK with Bortoleto, Hiltbrand, and De Conto

At the International Circuit Napoli in Sarno, the final classification of WSK Super Master Series saw Bortoleto ending second in OK-Junior, Pedro Hiltbrand fifth due to an excursion in OK and Paolo De Conto third in KZ2.

Alfio Andrea Spina
Alfio Andrea Spina in the CRG Official Team

After the excellent results in 60 Mini with the Gamoto team, the young Sicilian driver was promoted in the official team in OK Junior, where he debuted at the WSK Champions Cup in a very positive way.