F-series adds IAME USA East contingency in 2018

IAME competitors in the F-series Gearup Challenge will have extra incentive this season.

Heading into the start of our 2018 Gearup Challenge we are seeing many great incentives and prizes for the racers that call the F-Series home. We have been working hard to keep karting affordable and it is always super exciting when a major player in the industry shares that vision of keeping the sport growing while financially accessible. It is our pleasure to announce that IAME USA EAST will be joining the F-Series effort in 2018, with a perfect incentive that we both believe will help racers off set a considerable expense.

For us the best part of this incentive is it has to be earned and therefore everyone will have the opportunity to claim these prizes. For 2018 all IAME engine racers racing including TAG Mini, Formula J, Formula Tag and F125 will have the opportunity to earn an all in Season Pass for the 2019 Gearup Challenge. The rules are simple, the highest finishing driver in your respective class utilizing an IAME engine will be the recipient of this fabulous prize.

The incentives and support do not stop there as IAME USA EAST has recognized the resilience and determination of our drivers that utilize the proven Leopard engine. All drivers that have competed in the previous 2017 F-125 championship year will receive a great financial savings on all Leopard specific parts. The exact details regarding this special promotion will be released in the next few days. It is fabulous that IAME USA EAST has recognized our drivers with such awesome prizes as well as fantastic savings that will help our racers stay competitive without breaking the bank.

For those that are building or just starting to gear up for the new season please visit our sponsor page for all the vendor information needed. 

Also visit IAME USA EAST for the latest engines and products at iameusaeast.com

Registration for all F-Series events are now open please visit our sites for details. 

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