Chris Wehrheim

IAME Engine to Replace Yamaha in America?

IAME possibly looking to make a bigger impact in regional and local racing


There are a few rumors going around that a new 100cc air cooled engined called the KA100 is going to replace Yamaha in a few series in 2017. This engine, which is a 100cc reedjet produces 22 HP and is electric start. Currently we do not know too much about the engine or the plans, but we do know it has been tested here state side. Below is a little more on the engine.

The KA100 is similar to the X30 engine and uses X30 parts including the clutch

Other features of the KA100 engine include:

  • Simple Analogue ignition plant
  • No microprocessor, no programmable unit.
  • Simple cable harness, just for engine starting (starter motor only.)
  • Engine start possible even without battery, by an external starter.
  • Air cooling simplicity No radiator hoses, no water pumps, no belts makes it easier for the beginner for removing and replacing the engine.
  • Air cooled engines have been successful for many years.

In 2015 this engine was introduced to the Australian karting market, which was Yamaha's biggest market at the time. The KA100 has seen quite a bit of success since being introduced and Yamaha is pretty much gone in the Australian market. So what does this mean for the US Market? Most likely there will be an introductory price to get people who want to switch to the new package. From what we have heard it bridges the gap between Yamaha and the IAME X30 and is around one second faster than the Yamaha. This should make it easier for drivers to move up into the faster category.

Some of the benefits the Australian market has found:

  • Extended fins: controlled engine temperature even at very hot climatic conditions.
  • Less components, less maintenance.
  • High quality, accurate machining:
  • Precise cast iron liner with 5-Axis CNC machined ports.
  • Very precise conrod inter-axle and stroke.
  • High hardness aluminum alloy for cylinder barrel, cylinder head and crankcase.
  • Casehardened and grinded steel for crankshaft and conrod, allowing to be disassembled and re-assembled hundreds of times.
  • No multiple parts purchasing for performance selection, money saving.

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