L206 Pro Senior Added to Stars & Stripes Open Event

The category will run a condensed schedule and be required to use the MoJo D2 tire.

With ample interest, the Rotax Stars & Stripes Open event has added the popular local option Briggs & Stratton 206 Senior category to the event. The category will start on Saturday afternoon, August 3 with two practice sessions and the conclusion of the day being qualifying. On Sunday August 4 the category will enjoy a warm-up session prior to having a pre-final and the ultimate final whereby the winner will receive a $500 cash prize alongside a full top three podium presentation. The category will use the popular Briggs & Stratton 206 rules with CIK bodywork regulations as well as being required to use the MoJo D2 (4.5 x 7.10 tire). Tires will be available onsite for purchase from J3 Competition from Friday onward. All competitors will be required to use their one allotted set from practice session one onward through to the final again creating a cost-effective and user-friendly event.

"With a strong 206 contingent at Pitt Race Complex several competitors have been asking to be a part of the unique Rotax Stars & Stripes race weekend and after some thought we were able to structure a very unique program that keeps the costs to a minimum while provided a great event and prize package. With our 206 competitors starting on Saturday afternoon it enables for a relaxed environment to start their portion of the event and with great racing the competitors will also be able to interact with some of our great teams and also learn about the Rotax program which will definitely provide a solid foundation for the two platforms to grow in unison." -- Management

Entries will be available onsite from Friday onward for the 206 Pro Senior category and the cost is $75 per driver.

Competitors with any questions regarding the event can contact our offices at: +1 814-864-1846 or for online entry questions please email us at [email protected].

About J3 Competition

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