Le Cont touches down in Mexico

On behalf of Le Cont Tires and WR Motorsports,  we are honored to announce another strong and long lasting partnership with Reynard Mexico/ RRK Motorsports ( www.rrkmotorsports.com, www.reynardkarts.com).

They are one of the most traditional companies in motorsports in Mexico. RRK Motorsports, among other motorsports activities such as the FIA F4 Nacam Championship, has been building CIK homologated chassis in Mexico with the highest and most competitive standards since 1997. Always in favor of the promotion and development of top quality karts and drivers in Mexico and involved with the NACAM FIA region (North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico).

Mr. Felipe Abed, Reynard Mexico's CEO oversees this collaboration with the FIA Mexico National karting championship (Reto Telmex - http://www.fiamexicokarting.org/inicio ) together with the Mexican ASN OMDAI-FIA. “We foresee a great future, working together with WR Motorsports and Le Cont, supporting very important Karting Series in North America. The F Series (www.thefseries.com), the FKC (www.formulakartchamp.com) and now the Reto Telmex Karting Championship in Mexico (http://www.fiamexicokarting.org/inicio). 

“I'm very happy to join this group of championships in North America and to be aligned with the CIK/FIA mentality to build a great and stronger Karting Community for our Continent” Felipe Abed — RRK Motorsports.

“Having a long-time business relationship with RRK Motorsports, now it is a great opportunity to join our experiences and support karting in Central and North America. I'm very excited with this challenge, mainly to be partnering with these three strong series that are full of potential from the west to the east coast of the USA, and now with the Reto Telmex Championship in Mexico” - Wagner Rossi - WR Motorsports / Le Cont Central & North America

Le Cont, a worldwide recognized Italian racing kart tire manufacturer based out of Rovereto, Italy, is working very hard from their brand-new state of the art facility, to continue revolutionizing the karting industry. A lot more good news is about to come, stay tuned! 

The Best is Yet to Come!

20200805 lecont fia ksp
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