Johnny Johnson

New U.S. Distributor for BRP-Rotax karting products to be announced soon

Here's what we know now.

BRP-Rotax appears to have a new plan in place for reintroducing Rotax MAX in the United States according to information Kart360 has obtained. The full details are said to be coming in the next 24 hours via a press release from the Austrian company.

What we know is that there will be a change in the distributorship of the United States, which for now, had been temporarily run out of Canada by SRA Karting. We believe SRA will now only have the Canadian territory, making way for the new US Distributor. Details are still scarce on what role, if any, the new U.S. Distributor will have at the upcoming U.S. Rotax MAX Grand Nationals in New Jersey in four weeks or when they'll take over the new role officially.

Rotax MAX has a long history in the United States and North America, dating back to the turn of the 21st century. The last official US Distributor, MAXSpeed Group, had held the distributorship from 2011-2017 and has since been held temporarily by SRA for the past 14 months.

Of course, as we're all aware, the Rotax market share plunged to near non-existence since the MAXSpeed Group left the industry. It will be a great achievement if BRP-Rotax can earn any of their previous market share back in this currently saturated market.