Ocala Gran Prix to add more winners to their unique schooling scholarship program

First and second place finishers in series championship will receive benefits.

Put in place more than a year ago, the Ocala Gran Prix sponsored college and university scholarship program has taken on some exciting new changes. Awarded to the championship winner of four classes in the past, the 2018 edition of the program will award the first and second place finishers of four different classes for a total of eight prepaid college or university scholarships for a four-year program.

"I am a firm believer that education is the key to a successful future of young adults. Most of the Junior drivers understand what they are racing for. On the other hand, the Mini drivers might understand the importance of finishing in 1st or 2nd. The parents and grandparents certainly understand the significance of this program. This is one of my most important programs that I can have OGP provide. I believe I can help change their lives forever," expressed Ocala Gran Prix President Jorge Arellano.
The race for Florida college/university scholarship is only at the Ocala Gran Prix Local Series. The first and second place finishers in these classes: IAME Mini Swift, IAME X30 Junior, Vortex Mini ROK and Vortex ROK Junior will receive a prepaid scholarship for a college or university of their choice for a four-year program. The award does not include room and board for the scholarship award winner, but does cover tuition for his or her schooling.
Arellano added, "There are several details to be able to qualify for the scholarship program that must be met. First, the driver must be a resident of Florida for the past two years and must compete in the entire Grand Slam of Ocala Gran Prix Local Series. There are two separate series at OGP to make up the Grand Slam. The first local series is the winter/spring program while the second series is summer/fall. All drivers must determine the class and engine they are going to be racing in at the first race in February and no drivers will be allowed to change the engine platform or class to be eligible for the scholarship. All drivers participating must maintain a B grade in their school. There are no drops of any race in the Grand Slam of Ocala Gran Prix Local Series and a driver can only win one scholarship in their lifetime. The scholarship is determined by the total number of points added from both series and the points will continually be updated on the OGP web page. The race director will have final ruling on penalties and infractions and finally, should the first or second place finisher in the championship not meet the criteria, the scholarship will go to the next qualified candidate based on the end of the series championship points."
With the 2018 Ocala Gran Prix Local Series kicking off on February, track and series officials are inviting every karting competitor in the area to come and check out the facility, and take advantage of the OGP hospitality.
For more information on Ocala Gran Prix, the OGP Scholarship Program, OGP race team opportunities and info on how to get into karting, please visit Ocala Gran Prix online at www.OcalaGranPrix.com or contact them at 352.291.0600 or via e-mail to [email protected]

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