Only four months out here is your ROK the Rio 'need to know'

SEMA, Halloween and ROK the RIO highlight week in Las Vegas.

July 11, 2018 — As the calendar turns past the halfway mark of the 2018 season, ROK Cup Promotions is finalizing all the necessary information for the first annual ROK the RIO event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taking place at the RIO All Suites Hotel and Casino in Sin City, ROK Cup USA is going the extra mile to ensure all teams and drivers have the best experience while in Las Vegas.

“We are well ahead of the game and are just triple checking and fine tuning all the details,” explains ROK Cup Promotions Garrett Potter. “As some of you know, the RIO is now accepting room reservations and we will open event registration on Friday, July 20th. We have our much sought after schedule in place with mains running on Saturday this will allow for teams, drivers and families to stay and enjoy a little time in Vegas without rushing home late Sunday night. Also, we have a large contingent of international drivers coming to compete so I think you will see some surprising entries.”

While teams and drivers continue to progress through their 2018 local, regional and national programs, ROK Cup Promotions is getting ahead of the game providing all the necessary information to make an informed choice and clear plans. 

Potter continues, “With our ROK the RIO event taking place during one of the busiest weeks in Vegas, you'll be sure to find plenty to do during your trip. ROK the RIO, SEMA and Halloween it makes me tired just saying it, but for sure it will be a great time.”

As one of the biggest industry shows in the world, SEMA, just like Las Vegas, has something for everyone. While SEMA is a closed show to industry members only, ROK the RIO participants will be able to register if they have a registered business. And while Las Vegas is known as an adult's wonderland, Halloween provides a ton to do for kids as well. Whether it is trick-or-treating at Caesars Palace Mall, a haunted house adventure or going to a horror show, Halloween allows family activities for all ages. Please see links below:

  • SEMA Registration
  • Halloween Events in Las Vegas

To ensure preparedness by all, please see the informative links listed below:

  • Registration (opening July 20)
  • Event Schedule
  • Track Map
  • Hotel Information
  • Pit Request Form
  • Rules and Regulations

“I urge anyone and everyone to contact myself or ROK Cup USA with any questions,” adds Potter. “We have several more announcements planned for the coming weeks, including ROK the RIO ticket entry winners, awards, prizes, and the answer to your three month long question: will we have a 100cc class? Stay tuned…"

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