Johnny Johnson

Video: Last corner pass to win 125cc shifter at Quincy street race

Driver Joe Ruch hits 94mph on the streets of Quincy, Illinois.

The full 12-lap 125cc Shifter Final at the Quincy Grand Prix onboard Joe Ruch's DR Kart/Fisher Racing Engines Modena/Hoosier Tire R55. For the final lap, skip to the 11:35 mark.

Of course the fastest, and most exciting engine in our sport is that of the 125cc shifter. At the Quincy Grand Prix, the 125cc Shifter category was a mixture of motos, ROKs, and KZ-style engines.

During the 12-lap final, Indiana driver, Joe Ruch, grabbed the early lead and held that advantage for three quarters of the race, navigating around lap traffic in the process. Nearing lap 9, Zach Schiff pulled inside Ruch's DR Kart and took the lead.

Ruch, now in tow of Schiff, kept it close on the final lap, making his move back to the lead into the very last corner.

The Quincy Grand Prix was long ago the premier street race in the country, attracting hundreds of drivers to the river town of Quincy, Illinois on the Illinois/Missouri border. The event was held over 30 years until it came to an end earlier this century.

To the delight of many drivers, past and present, the city of Quincy approved the revival of the event, which ran just two weekends ago -- June 9-10. The racing categories ranged from Briggs, to Yamaha, to Shifters -- and even vintage karts.

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