XRM Racing announces distributorship of MoreCollage Seats and Products

Phoenix-area karting supplier adds new race seats and products brand.

The MoreCollage Type C and Type D models.

XRM RACING are pleased to announce that we are the importer for MoreCollage Seats and Products. Every driver knows, that after the heat is done you can really feel exhausted and a little sore too. This is the by-product of being thrown around in the seat- shifted from side to side when going through the corner. All karting drivers can relate to feeling yourself coming out of the seat; fighting to stay in it, while all the while, trying to maintain your focus and win. Not to mention how your ribs feel the day after the race.

The popular opinion with regards to Kart seats, is drivers should have on hand a soft, medium and hard structured seat in order to adjust to the needs of the tracks layout. The seats feature a low rise on the sides that partially exposes the back in an effort to increase or lessen the handling and boost speed potential.

The reality is, that each driver's experience is not necessarily determined by the structure of the seat but more from the positioning of the seat in the chassis and the comfortability for the driver. Without these essentials, it is difficult to expect or achieve the full potential from the driver. After many years of racing, I have always found being in the right seat is essential not only for winning but for comfort and safety. Whether you drive competitively or just for fun, the seat you choose for your Kart can play an integral part in not only the technique and handling of your ride but, the smoothness and ease as well. MoreCollage brings a sufficiency of comfort and safety to Kart seats without compromising fit or speed.

MoreCollage seats were designed by an engineer highly experienced in the motorsports industry. He identified what he felt were potential safety and comfortability issues with the current offerings on the market. He sought to create a seat that would wrap the driver's entire body in an effort to limit physical discomfort without compromising handling and velocity. MoreCollage allows you to maximize your  performance and driving ability. The deeper trace construction of these kart seats ensure an entire body - snug - comfort fit. This “full hold” kart seat prevents slippage while also featuring a higher back that will protect your back and ribs. So If your looking to try something new and innovative come check us out at www.xrmracing.com or call us 480 336 3070. Dealer inquires are welcome