Gaia claims win and championship in Master ROK after Phillips comes in underweight

The win was just icing on the cake for Gaia's dominate FWT championship season.

Magno Gaia
Photo: John Johnson/John Johnson

Wesley Phillips was really the only other driver that could keep with the pace of this season’s top Master driver, Magno Gaia. Phillips grabbed the lead right from the start, gapping the Brazilian by nearly a second on the opening lap. That gap remained consistent for most of the event, until the latter stages when Gaia started to inch closer.

However, the move for the lead never came from Gaia as Phillips was able to hold enough advantage to keep the Orsolon Racing driver back. Phillips would unfortunately come in underweight at the scale line, advancing Gaia to the win and joined on the podium with Adrian Donkers and Gabriel Iemma.

Whether he won or not, Gaia had the championship locked down, which the win only added to his advantage in the final table. The same three in the championship were the same three in the final, with Donkers and Iemma in second and third respectively.

2018 Florida Winter Tour Orlando Master ROK Final

Rnk # Driver Laps Gap Best Time
1 672 GAIA MAGNO 18 55.252
2 606 DONKERS ADRIAN 18 9.627 55.78
3 652 IEMMA GABRIEL 18 16.442 55.945
4 623 AURIEMMA MICHAEL 18 20.266 56.248
5 657 DACOSTA FRANCISCO 18 22.39 56.302
6 621 MARQUES FRANCISCO 18 22.881 56.436
7 619 DE LUCA ALESSANDRO 18 27.232 56.65
8 618 SARKIS YAMMINE 18 59.753 56.556
9 611 RIEGER DANIEL 17 1 Lap 55.869
10 602 PHILLIPS WESLEY 55.332