Maranello Kart protagonist again at the closer of the Sprint Trophy in Lonato

Dante to the fore at the Spring Trophy in Lonato, where he claimed the pole position and the fastest lap of the race in the Final. Ceresoli and Hold also among the quickest. Iancu won 60 Mini in the Griffin Trophy in Sarno eying WSK.

Massimo Dante
Massimo Dante, KZ2. /FM Press

The closing round of the 29th Spring Trophy held in Lonato has given important indications to Maranello Kart regarding the absolute excellence of its material for this season and the quality of its drivers to the benefit of an always more competitive racing team. 

The double round of the Spring Trophy in Lonato (opener on March 18th and Final on March 25th) has highlighted the quality of the Maranello Kart’s package. The expert driver Massimo Dante has put in a strong performance, as did the new entry Andrea Ceresoli alongside other protagonists like Christoph Hold.

Massimo Dante has been very strong since the beginning in KZ2 on Maranello-Tm at the closer of the Spring Trophy. He claimed in fact an amazing pole position, followed by Andrea Ceresoli who posted the second time of Series 1 and the fourth overall. Such a good speed was later on confirmed in the heats particularly by Dante, despite he had to bounce back from a retirement early on. Ceresoli managed to secure the third place of the provisional classification after heats. The Final had Maranello Kart drivers as protagonists again. Ceresoli had to concede some positions in the heat of some racing stages, while a recovery was not easy for Dante, but he managed to shine anyway, posting the fastest lap of the race.

Following the 13th place in the heats and a good second place in one race, Christoph Hold, closed his weekend with the ninth place in the Final, leading Ceresoli, while Dante ended 11th from the 22nd place on the starting grid. Regarding the other Maranello drivers: Marco Vannini was 14th, Luigi Del Vecchio 23rd following a penalty, while Nicola Gnudi and Patrick Thur could not qualify for the final stage. Hold ended fourth in the final classification of the Trophy, Dante fifth and Ceresoli eighth.

The Austrian Paul Rieberer came sixth in Ok-Junior on Maranello-Tm, while the Pole Jan Jozwiak was 16th in category Mini Rok of Rok Cup and Jacopo Vanelli 12th in Shifter Rok. 

In the same weekend, Maranello Kart’s colors have been superbly defended by Alexandru Iancu in 60 Mini in Sarno. He claimed the victory in the Griffin Trophy eying the double appointment with the WSK Super Master Series to be held on April 1st and 8thIancu will take part in. Lorenzo Camplese will also be present in Sarno on April 8th in KZ2 at the WSK round.