Kart Republic

Località Produttiva, Veneto

Kart Republic

Località Produttiva, Veneto


Strong Karting Ambitions for Rosberg Racing

Nico Rosberg and Dino Chiesa, two famous names in motorsport and karting, have decided to join forces to launch a new project for young drivers.

Solid P6 at the CIK-FIA European Championship for Leonardo Marseglia

Leonardo Marseglia returns from Sarno with the 7th position in championship after an amazing comeback in final.

Leonardo Marseglia knocked out by contact

Apulian Leonardo Marseglia was knocked out by a contact during the second lap of the final.

Leonardo Marseglia turns 38th place in qualifying into a top ten result

A great comeback by Leonardo Marseglia at the first WSK round in Sarno.

Difficult weekend for Leonardo Marseglia at La Conca

Kart Republic’s Leonardo Marseglia fought like hell to grab a good result at La Conca.

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