Major worldwide event for IAME has gotten underway at Le Mans!

The international IAME final that has attracted a huge, quality-packed field is one of the biggest karting events of the sporting year.

LeCont: performance and endurance at Le Mans 24 Hours Karting

If running for 24 hours is a big challenge for men and machines, it is also a daunting challenge for a type manufacturer.

Historic double for Sodi in the FIA Karting Endurance Championship

Sodi Kart team report from the Le Mans 24 Hours of Karting.

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Salbris International Circuit

Salbris, Centre-Val de Loire

Sodi Kart

Couëron, Pays de la Loire

Karting des Fagnes

Mariembourg, Waals Gewest

Ricky Flynn Motorsport

Waltham Abbey, Essex