Front Bearing Assembly

Rotation problems with your front hub may signal a bearing issue. Here's how to remove and install those front bearings.

If your front hub isn't rotating properly on your kart's front stub axle, then it may be time to replace the bearing. In this Pro Tip, we will show you how to remove and replace your front bearing.

First, you'll want to identify what size of bearing you have. There are two inner diameter sizes: 17mm or 25mm. From there, you will also need to identify the thickness and outer diameter sizes. This is pointed out at the 0:45 mark in the video and if you need help identifying what you need, it's best to just ask your chassis manufacturer or the dealer in your area.

Front Bearing Removal

Using a steel drift tool (or any steel shaft-type tool), you should remove the bearing on the back side of the hub first. To do so, place the drift tool down the inside of the hub and firmly on the bearing housing. Tap it a few times with a hammer on different places around the bearing and it should have no problem dropping out. The same technique can be applied to the hub centering ring and front-side bearing.

Now that the hub is completely cleared out of any bearings or centering ring, now is the time to wipe it down and do some quality checks. Any burrs or damage done to the inside of your hub may show signs of bigger issues that may require you to get a new hub altogether.

Front Bearing Installation

Now with a clean hub and a fresh set of bearings, we're going to do the installation process basically in reverse to how we removed. With the stud side of the hub facing up, push the bearing down into the hub. Once it goes as far as it can with your hands, use your drift tool and hammer and drive it through until it sits up against the inner ledge inside the hub.

Repeat that process for the backside bearing. Finish off the entire process by re-inserting your front hub centering ring.

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