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2019 Rotax MAX All Star Finals: Event Primer

New Rotax MAX event in Houston brings lottery engine program, international racing prizes.

The beginning of the Rotax season has begun. Join RTX USA Group April 12-14th for the 2019 Rotax MAX All Star Finals for an event that shines the spotlight on the best of karting: the racing itself. Their show-up-and-drive approach, complete with an engine lottery, will put racing at the forefront and prepare you and your team for the international Rotax events to follow. Having a true racing weekend as well as being just outside downtown Houston will make this event and accommodations easy and fun for the family.

Register now at: http://rtxkarting.com

The reputation BRP-Rotax has built over decades of manufacturing both inside and outside the karting industry speaks for itself.

“Rotax is undoubtedly one of the best engine options that exists in the competition of karts worldwide,” said Ronny Albrecht, Managing Director at RTX USA Group. “We want to continue demonstrating the philosophy of parity and durability that the parent company has, which is why the races during the next two years will be the pillar to show the parity in our engines through our Raffle Program, and that you can run at reasonable prices during a weekend with many hours of racing with an excellent starting grid.”

“We have analyzed the current market and without a doubt we are optimistic with the results we will obtain at the end of 2020 through our dedications and effects to serve the North American market.” - RTX USA Group

Teams, drivers, and the general public who love speed are invited to participate in the first major Rotax MAX event of the year at the Speedsportz Racing park circuit in the City of Houston where RTX USA Group will present prizes for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Final that will be held in Italy and awards for participation in the Rotax International Trophy in the city of Le Mans, France.

“We will bring to France a USA team with many excellent drivers to obtain further entries for the RMCGF,” said Jean-Pierre Albrecht, Marketing Coordinator for the event. “We will bring a much stronger USA team to the GF in Italy. Let's make it happen!”

The newly appointed Southern Rotax MAX, RTX USA Group, wishes to continue creating events that put together Southern and Northern divisions of the karting community, giving the platform for talent to rise and opportunities for the international Rotax events in Europe. 

Who's invited? Open to all US citizens as well as international drivers with a national license from their ASN with a letter of permission. 

Class Structure:

  • Micro/Mini
  • Jr Max
  • Sr Max
  • Masters Max
  • DD2 (DD2 & DD2 Masters combined)

Grand Prizes

The Rotax MAX All Stars Final event winners are set to receive ticketing opportunities such as:

4 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets to Italy

  • Winners of Junior MAX, Senior MAX, Master MAX, and DD2.

6 Rotax International Trophy Event in Le Mans, France

  • Winners of Micro MAX and Mini MAX
  • Second place finishers in Junior MAX, Senior MAX, Masters MAX, DD2 

Lottery Engine Program

Mirroring the Rotax MAX Grand Challenge Finals, entrants will have the ability to exercise their racing talents as well as reducing cost and creating an arrive & drive environment. Drivers are expected to bring accessory kits.

Weekend Rundown

  • Rotax International Regulations to enhance the racing environment.
  • Mojo D2 & D5 Compounds.
  • Friday-Sunday Racing
  • Limited Mojo Practice & Race Tires
  • Entry fee includes:
    • Rotax Max Raffle Engine with Carburetor
    • Two Sets of Mojo Slick Racing Tires (See Class Details)
    • 1 US Quart of XPS Oil
    • Drivers & Mechanic Badges
    • Pits space for your team or trailers

SpeedSportz Park, Houston, Texas

  • Located just 30 minutes outside of downtown Houston, there are plenty of options for both accommodations for the whole family, as well as dining
  • SpeedSprortz Racing Park is a top-rated facility boasting both a professional track as well as a rental track if those attending the race with you should feel inspired.

Additional Information

No additional weekly practice.

Registration, entry cap, and further information: http://rtxkarting.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-Fact-Sheet-AllStarsFinal2019v4-PDF-DONE.pdf

Register now

Registration for the 2019 All Star Finals is now open. You can find the registration portal directly from the homepage at http://rtxkarting.com.

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