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2019 Stars and Stripes Trophy Event Primer

A renewed focus of more sustainable racing by both Rotax MAX and J3 Competition comes into focus.

Karting is an ever-changing sport, always in pursuit of better, faster, and (hopefully) less expensive parts, chassis, and engines.

Over the past decade or so, both in North America and globally, we've seen an exciting new model for karting with regards to class structures, prize packages, and overall event innovation. Who's been at the helm of the current, most groundbreaking innovations? Mostly Rotax.

For instance, let's consider this:

  • Who was the originator of the one-make Grand Finals?
  • What program first conceived of the one-make with inclusive products?
  • When the leading 100cc engine platform was debuting in the 80's & 90's who was pioneering such power?
  • Where were we before the TaG engine concept, or the Micro, Mini, etc. construct?
  • Who is the world's largest and most renowned knowledge of two-cycle engine technology?

All of these titles are beholden of Rotax.

For those who are brand new to the sport, or have always wondered, BRP-Rotax is the engine plant, based in Austria, that produces all engines for the Rotax MAX platform as well as the BRP range of powered products. 

What is BRP? Well it's Bombardier Recreational Products, the parent company of brands like Can-Am, Ski-Doo, and Lynx. This mega-house supports all of the vehicles that are known for performance and technology across the board, and all of that intel is going into every Rotax engine produced. 

The Rotax MAX Stars & Stripes Trophy, May 17-19th, 2019 is set to be the premier arrive & drive event of the season, culminating in your chance to participate in the largest World Rotax karting event. This unparalleled arrive & drive weekend will take any extras and variables out of the equation, thus leaving  the driver as the defining point. The event structure will feature more purposeful on-track time for a weekend that is both more fun and worth the cost-input than any other karting event this season.

J3, the new Rotax MAX Northern U.S. distributor responsible for putting on this event is looking forward to this new approach to the sport.

“With the Rotax platform we are excited to reenergize the existing base of the sport while working to grow the level of participation. Fundamentally we are able to do this by providing a high powered long-life engine platform that offers ease of ownership alongside its unmatched cost of ownership. The initial purchase price of the engine packages are on par with other options in the market which, compared to the actual operating costs, the package is nearly four times less expensive to operate.”

Here are a few simple examples that really hit a note with the average consumer straightway:

  • Fuel Costs 
    • Pump Fuel
    • Only a 2% oil mix
    • $37 for five gallons of mix fuel vs. $105 for five gallons of mixed fuel of other high compression engine platforms
  • Bottom-end rebuild time is set around 40-60 hours, depending on the category. This is so much less, juxtaposed to other engine platforms, which take 4-6 times more rebuilds during the same period of time
  • OEM component and spare pricing is competitive, and when the frequency of maintenance is figured, the cost savings to the end-user is exponentially less

Coupled with J3's sister Stars & Stripes Open, August 2-4th, 2019, they are giving the most pure driving experience with the chance to race against the best in the world.

Event Highlights:

  • 3 Day Event
    • Less of what isn't needed and more of what is needed
    • Pit Pass is through the facility. All entries are online.
  • Lottery Engine
  • Limited Tires 
    • One set in the entry for practice & one set for all racing. This follows the Grand Finals mandate and reduces the average consumer tire costs by 2-3 times with great performance and long-life.
  • Fuel by the gallon 
    • Rotax being a high-performance low-compression engine runs on pump gas, thus competitor will see a 70% savings increase on fuel at Rotax events.
  • No pit fees
  • Tickets & awards to the 2019 Rotax Grand Finals & Le Mans International Final along with Rotax Gift Certificates.

“We started the Stars and Stripes events to provide the pinnacle of the sport for all competitors, and with a focus on providing a professional platform where drivers can receive high level competition while understanding the sporting regulations as well as all tuners, mechanics, and enthusiast the ability to learn about the entire line of Rotax products,” said J3's Justin Stefani. “We feel this strategy allows our competitors to enjoy the sport and take the knowledge back to their communities to grow on our objectives.”

It seems obvious that such an event should seem the hot ticket for this summer season, as well as perhaps a burgeoning of what the entire karting sport is to become with such arrive & drive options becoming available. Growing the sport fundamentally  needs to have a multi-pronged approach with a large reach and focus that provides stability to the entire industry while providing a recreational concept and this looks the team at J3 Competition have this pinned.

For more information on this exciting event and others like it, visit RaceRotax.com today.

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