Ampfing Finals: Aron and Janker victorious in Bavaria

Report from the third round of the 2018 FIA Karting European Championship in Ampfing, Germany.

VIDEO: OK Final, where you'll catch a surprise move by Lorenzo Travisanutto at the 20:38 mark.

The weather was good for the final day of the Competition at Ampfing. The last Qualifying Heats on Sunday morning confirmed the trend without bringing any major upheavals. The Finals rewarded the two polemen, Paul Aron in OK-Junior and Hannes Janker in OK, even though the result of the latter category left a strange impression. The two winners scored their second wins of the season and took the opportunity to take the lead in the provisional standings of the Championships while a single Competition remains to be contested.

The German Grand Prix Kart finally took place entirely on a dry track. In spite of the rain forecast, the sun remained very much in evidence at Ampfing, ideal conditions to create the best possible show for the numerous spectators around the Bavarian circuit. The track did not fail in its selective reputation, but the hierarchy of the Qualifying Phase was largely confirmed during the Finals. The two Finals did not change the situation, apart from the way Lorenzo Travisanutto gave Hannes Janker the OK victory at the finish.

The third of the four Competitions of the CIK-FIA European Championships for the OK and OK-Junior categories could play a big role in the deciding of the titles, from 3rd to 5th August, on the circuit of Essay-Aunay les Bois, in France.

Strategic victory for Aron in Junior

Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA - CRG / TM Racing / Vega) took the lead over Hadrien David (FRA - Kosmic / Vortex / Vega) at the end of the final Qualifying Heats for the OK-Junior category. Paul Aron (EST - FA Kart / Vortex / Vega) at the same time managed to reach 3rd position, meaning he would start on the  inside second row for the Final. This favourable situation allowed Aron to seize the lead from the first of the 22 laps of the race and not to be worried any more. The young Estonian crossed the finish line with the fastest time and a respectable lead of 1.4'' on Luca Griggs (GBR - Exprit / Vortex / Vega), while Bortoleto had to be content with the third step of the podium. Kirill Smal (RUS - Tony Kart / Vortex / Vega) completed the top five ahead of David. It should be noted that Gabriele Mini (ITA - Parolin / Parilla / Vega) lost precious points by meeting sparkplug problems four laps from the flag, which caused him to drop from 4th to 15th position. Aron thus found himself at the top of the standings with the benefit of two wins and a 17-point lead over Mini', which who is tied with Bortoleto.

The Final results of OK-Junior category are currently suspended pending an appeal by a competitor.

Provisional classification of the CIK-FIA European Junior Championship after Ampfing:

  1. Paul Aron (EST) - 69 points
  2. Gabriele Mini '(ITA) - 52 points
  3. Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA) - 52 points
  4. Kai Askey (GBR) - 47 points
  5. Dilano Van T'Hoff (NLD) - 43 points

Smooth operation for Janker

The Qualifying Practice poleman and winner of his four Qualifying Heats, Hannes Janker (DEU - KR / Parilla / B'stone) however met his match in the Final with Lorenzo Travisanutto (ITA - KR / Parilla / B'stone). The Italian took control of the race from the start and remained the indisputable leader until the finish line approached. Travisanutto, who was no longer in contention for the title, let Janker win and take the lead in the Championship, a move that is explained by the same chassis brand used by both drivers. Zane Maloney (BRB - FA Kart / Vortex / B'stone) was 3rd in front of his team-mate Harry Thompson (GBR - FA Kart / Vortex / B'stone) and David Vidales Ajenjo (ESP - Tony Kart / Vortex / B'stone). After a good weekend, Juho Valtanen (FIN - Kosmic / Vortex / B'stone) finished 7th and progressed in the provisional classification, while Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP - CRG / TM Racing / B'stone) finished 9th and Roman Stanek (CZE - Kosmic / Vortex / B'stone) 11th.

Provisional classification of the CIK-FIA European Championship after Ampfing:

  1. Hannes Janker (DEU) - 77 points
  2. Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP) - 58 points
  3. Juho Valtanen (FIN) - 46 points
  4. David Vidales Ajenjo (ESP) - 45 points
  5. Roman Stanek (CZE) - 44 points

Cover image by KSP Photo Agency.

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