Nick Leone

Lupien comes out on top, showing his legs in the Senior MAX final

Samuel Lupien
Canadian Samuel Lupien will represent his country in Brazil at the Rotax Grand Finals after his victory in New Jersey. Photo: Cody Schindel / Canadian Karting News

After rigorous battling all weekend, the Senior Max category got underway with Mathias Ramirez leading the field to turn one alongside Hannah Greenemeier. Ramirez got away cleanly, with a strong jump over Greenemeier, as Samuel Lupien influenced the more than healthy start giving Ramirez a great push.

Entering lap two, Lupien inherited the lead in the back section of the circuit, pulling a healthy gap almost immediately as Ramirez, Mason Buck, and Barrett chased one another in fight for position. After her poor start, Greenemeier was keen on pressing on, and made the three kart battle for second a four kart battle, hunting the rear bumper of Buck.

Drama unfolded mid way as Buck and Cole Hooton made contact whilst in the fight for second, dropping both far down the order and allowing Ramirez, Barrett and Greenemeier to freely battle for the second spot. Not caught by our eye, however, talk on grid stated that David Illavia made contact with one of the two drivers, causing them to run over one another. Illavia benefited from the move, as he now was in front of the two, until a retirement ended his chances of a healthy finish.

Back up front, Lupien continued to control the lead in poised fashion. As the white flag flew, Ramirez, Greenemeier, and Barrett engaged in a proper battle for second, with Ramirez coming out on top of the group. As the battle unfolded, a few seconds ahead it was Samuel Lupien coming home with the victory, controlling the race from the get go.

However, a post-race penalty was handed down to Ramirez for avoidable contact, which carried a 3-second forfeiture, dropping him to fourth. This call promoted Greenemeier into second, which gave her the next Grand Finals ticket to Brazil along with Lupien.

A stand out performance in the race was Senior Max rookie Josh Green who crossed the line to secure fifth. After an impressive qualifying, heat, pre final, and final result we may be witnessing a talent emerging in the senior field.