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Small in numbers, intense in battle, Wang takes victory by the edge of his teeth

Derek Wang
Derek Wang. Photo: Cody Schindel / Canadian Karting News

DD2 Master was a calmly paced, yet tough battle between Derek Wang and Scott Howard. Scott Howard controlled the race, as Wang continued his steady pace to keep within the draft. With absolutely nothing between the two, Wang would go just .04 faster than Howard, which in time paid off. Wang began catching Howard as the race unfolded, looking for his opportunity to make the pass. It looked as if Howard had secured the deal, as Wang could not find a way by until the front straight on the last lap.

With checkered waving, Wang used the draft to maneuver his way around the Australian successfully making the pass with just feet to go. Wang took victory by just .077, in dramatic fashion.

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Nick Leone
On Location: 2018 US Rotax MAX Grand Nationals

Our event stream of all the biggest updates happening in The Garden State.

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Nick Leone
U.S. Rotax MAX Grand Nationals: What To Watch For

Who will reign supreme around the 22 corner, 1.3 mile super circuit?

20190220 J3 Racerotax 1024 Launched

New website designed specifically with the Northern United States Rotax enthusiast in mind.

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Nick Leone
Rotax played a key part in the globalization of modern day karting

The vision of a universal platform opened up an influx of true international racing. Can it prosper again in the U.S.?

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Cody Schindel
U.S. Rotax MAX Grand Nationals: Photo Review

Another great delivery from Rotax and the display of the new distributors.

Rotax Team Usa Logo Wide 764
2019 Team USA Karting Official Team

Thirteen drivers to represent Team USA in Sarno, Italy for the Rotax MAX Grand Finals.

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Johnny Johnson
The Podcast: Special Edition with Justin Stefani from J3 Competition

Justin answers follow up questions to Monday's big announcement from Rotax MAX regarding the U.S. market.

20180618 Us Rotax Map
Rotax announces new partnerships for their U.S.A. karting business

New partners assigned to northern and southern regions of the United States Rotax MAX market.