ROK Cup International: intense Friday in the final

28 heats have been raced today at the South Garda to define the names of the finalists...

28 heats have been raced today at the South Garda to define the names of the finalists that tomorrow will aim at the titles of this 16th edition of the Rok Cup International Final. 6 heats in the Junior Rok, 10 in the Mini Rok, 4 for the Senior, 4 in the Shifter and 2 for Expert and Super. Briefly, this has been the timetable of the 420 Rokkers facing each other today, in an amazing and never-ending show.

JUNIOR ROK. HIGH TENSION. The current champion of Mini Rok, Zilisch, opened the race-day program winning the heat A-D. Then, was the turn of the Slovakian Kucharczyk who won ahead of Ugochukwu (USA) in the B-F. Ragone (ITA) won the other heats, after yesterday's victory and the achievement of Ferrari Italian Title. In the two manches closing the days Kucharczyk and Rogone confirmed their supremacy, becoming in this way the favourite for tomorrow. Drivers' performances were very good and competition reached high levels, let's see how the Junior Rokkers will manage the tension in the final tomorrow.

MINI ROK. 10 HEATS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO DEFINE THE FINALISTS. The poleman Powell (JAM) has immediately won his first heat (A-C), preceding Elkin (RUS). The American Akshay beat his opponents in the heat F-H ahed of Al Dhaheri (ARF), winner of one of yesterday's heat. Berduca (ITA), Douglas (AUS), Johnson (USA), won the other heats, two times Antonelli- Antonelli (ITA) and Powell again. Today's intense program was however not enough to select the 34 finalists, among the 140 Mini Rokkers, and other five qualifying races are scheduled for tomorrow.

SENIOR ROK. BROWN FIRST. Maciej Szyszko (POL) preceded the poleman Brown (SGP) in the heat A-C, reversing then their positions in the heat A-D, with Brown winner. In the heat B-D, the Italian Gaglianò preceded a group of Italian drivers, composed by Cordera, Delli Guanti, Russo and Sella. Delli Guanti won the other day-heat and tomorrow the Seniors will still e on the track for two qualifying races. Considering the last heats of today, the two drivers Brown and Maciej Szyszko will be tomorrow in the first line, followed by Gaglianò and Molinari.

EXPERT & EXPERT PLUS. ZAJAC UNSTOPPABLE. Zajac (POL) beat all his opponents in the two heats raced today. The poleman preceded on both occasions, Castro (USA) In the Expert Plus the situation in the top positions was more complex compared to the Expert class, with Lohmann (DNK) who preceded Donadei (ITA) in the round-1. In the second round raced today, Todeschini (ITA) won ahead of Donadei still. In the final, tomorrow, Zajac will start from the first position, which is really advantageous, Castro will be next to him. In the Expert Plus Donadei and Todeschini will start from the first line.

SHIFTER.  ÃƒÆ’¢â‚¬Å“Z”…. IS FASHIONABLE IN THE SHIFTER CLASS. The Italian drivers Zani and Zemin won the first heats raced today. But also Luyet (SWI), Guidetti (ITA), the Colombian Cubides and Sandri (ITA) were in very good form. The last heats of today were gained by Cubides and Zani, gaining in this way the first position in the starting grid tomorrow in the final. Next to Zani there will be Zemin, the two Italian drivers will be followed by Cubides and Luyet.

SUPER ROK. BOSCO'S ENCORE. Bosco, after yesterday's pole position and the victory in the first heat, again brilliantly showed off today, winning the heat. Szczurek (POL) proved to be the most formidable opponent for Bosco, as well as Comanducci and the current champion D'Abramo. Bosco and Szczurek, winner of the last heats of today, will start tomorrow from the first line.

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