Rotax Stars & Stripes Open: Earn Your Ticket!

The event will award a total of eight Grand Finals tickets where all categories will be crowning the winners.

Less than sixty days away from the final chance in North America to earn a ‘ticket' to the 2019 Rotax Finals kicks off at the Rotax Stars & Stirpes Open event held at Pitt Race Complex during August 2-4, 2019.  The event will award a total of eight (8) Grand Finals tickets where all categories will be crowning the winners the opportunity to compete during the month of October in Sarno, Italy at what is undoubtedly labelled the Olympics of kart racing (RMCGF)!  The event format will follow very similar to the previous Stars & Stripes Trophy event with a three-day on track format with Thursday the week of the event (July 31) being dedicated to material and lottery engine handout and paddock parking.

“We were extremely pleased with the first Stars & Stripes event on all fronts.  The workflow within the organization has been seamless and the procedures of the lottery engines and material handout was equally impressive.  With all the items having a sealed bar-code and electronically recorded allowed for the staff to check each item rigorously, we were able to provide transparency and parity at an extremely high level , which will continue.  A very large participant increase is certain at Pitt Race and we are confident with our bandwidth as we continue to provide an elevated and spectacular three days of racing.” -- Management

The event page has been updated and is presently live at where participants can find the full event schedule, logistical information, pit/rv reservation details as well as a full site map.  The event schedule as noted will include three-days of on track action starting with ample practice on Friday August 2 which includes six (6) fifteen minute sessions with ‘hot pit'.  Friday will be followed up with a Saturday warm-up alongside qualifying and three intense heat races.  Sunday rounds out the event with a customary warm-up followed by a small break and then a pre-final and the final whereby eight deserving winners will receive their ‘ticket' to the Grand Finals alongside having the opportunity to represent their home country!

The event registration is fully open and easily accessible on the RaceRotax home page at; Competitors will receive not only the entry fee but their lottery engine, race slicks, practice slicks* and one liter of XPS oil.  The event will also host onsite fuel provided by Sunoco at 93 octane, which is purchased directly track-side at a per gallon price, thus providing the competitor additional savings and remember there are no paddock parking fees at Stars & Stripes events!

As the excitement continues to rise approaching the event which will additionally host several other fun and important industry activities making and the event a true experience for everyone who attends.  All inquires are encouraged and asked to be directed to event organizer J3 Competition at [email protected] | +1 814-864-1846.

20190618 J3 Ss Open Deadline
Rotax Stars & Stripes Open: Entry Deadline

An event entry deadline of July 15, 2019 has been implemented for guaranteed participants.

Mike van Vugt
Kart360 Press Department
Mike van Vugt wins the Rotax Euro Trophy Open & gets his Grand Finals ticket to Sarno

The Dutch driver took a convincing victory in Belgium.

Ssopen Logo Wide 1146
Rotax Stars & Stripes Open: Micro / Mini Clarification

Mini/Micro MAX to be run together but scored separately, and a clarification on the prize breakdown for the category.

Rotax rmcusa trophy logo wide 764
Rotax Trophy Series East launched

The program will continue to be highlighted with only two days of official race activity alongside the unmatched one engine and one set of race tires program.

20190220 J3 Racerotax 1024 Launched

New website designed specifically with the Northern United States Rotax enthusiast in mind.

Ss Rotax Logo Wide 988
2020 Rotax Racing Stars & Stripes program announced

With several unique changes for 2020 the program will reach into a new era focusing the Rotax platform intently on local and regional competition.