CPB Sport and Sodi winners at Sarno & European Vice-Champion in KZ2

Emilien Denner took the victory and the opportunity to finish as 2019 European Vice-Champion.

CPB Sodi Kart team celebration
Photo: KSP Photo Agency

At Sarno, the CPB Sport Sodi-TM karts have amassed an outstanding trophy collection in the final round of the European KZ2 Championship. Emilien Denner took the victory and the opportunity to finish as 2019 European Vice-Champion. On Italian soil, Jean Nomblot completed the French team's triumph by mounting the podium, highlighting the very high performance of the Sodi chassis.

The KZ2 Final unleashed the passions at Sarno, with a breathtaking show on a track perfect for 125cc gearbox. 4th and 5th respectively on the starting grid, Jean Nomblot and Emilien Denner threw themselves into the battle for victory, aware of the high potential of their machines, as explained by Jean Nomblot, a young and talented hopeful in KZ2, when he got out of his kart.

"I felt extremely comfortable with the equipment throughout the meeting. With the CPB Sport team, we prepared for this great international event at Sarno by participating in the Trofeo Grifone, the WSK and the Trofeo Pagliuca, which I won at the beginning of June. I finished all my heats in the top four, winning on one occasion and finishing in 3rd place, while taking three lap records. I still achieved the fastest time of the Final, tied with Paolo Besancenez! The victory was close, but I am very happy to be on the third step of the podium."

A great show in the Final

In fierce heat and a track with strong grip, the CPB Sport team prepared the Sodi-TM karts with impressive competitiveness. Emilien Denner gave everything to take the lead of the Final four laps from the finish and triumph with skill and style. "I was looking forward to this moment," said Emilien. "I think it's a deserved victory for our performance."

"This is our fifth victory since the beginning of the season, but obviously the most spectacular," said Paul Bizalion, the CPB Sport team manager. "There was a great emotion in seeing our two drivers Emilien Denner and Jean Nomblot on the podium, with Émilien on the top step and Kevin Cuoco receiving the best team manager cup. I would also like to congratulate Paolo Besancenez for his 2nd place, which allows Sodi to achieve a hat-trick in a country where karting is king! A year after Adrien Renaudin's title of in our colours, we are again very satisfied to become European Vice-Champion with Emilien Denner. We must not forget that behind this fabulous result, there is a lot of work and investment, a valuable partnership with the Sodikart factory, outstanding technicians, an equally intense support to our other drivers and a perfect collaboration with our engines." Daldosso Racing powered Emilien Denner and Galiffa Kart was in charge of Jean Nomblot's TMs.

Other victories to pursue in 2019

The desire to make progress for all the team's drivers remains a constant at CPB Sport. Experience is important at this level of competition and Vyacheslav Putyatin (Ukraine), Mark Villem Moor (Estonia), Daniel Lindholm (Sweden) and Jovan Pavicevic (Montenegro) will have learned a lot at Sarno. CPB also welcomed the comeback in the Final of the Frenchman Hubert Petit (+13) and the Italian Lorenzo Giannoni (+12).

The 2019 season is far from over and CPB Sport has many more challenges ahead, starting with the upcoming WSK races, the rest of the German Championship (DKM) and the FIA Karting International Super Cup - KZ2.

Extraordinary triple podium for Sodi in the European Championship at Sarno

While the official Sodi drivers were fighting for the KZ title, three young drivers were making a splash by monopolising the KZ2 Final podium with a rare triple win at this level.

Tony Kart first at the European Championship in Sarno for KZ

The Tony Kart Racing Team at the Naples International Circuit, Italy, is constantly at the top for the final and decisive stage of the KZ and KZ2 FIA Karting European Championship.

Fabian Federer full speed on track in Sarno
Touch luck for Maranello Kart and Federer at the European Championship in Sarno

Fabian Federer had to retire from the Final of the KZ2 European Championship after hitting several technical problems connected to the very high temperatures.

KZ drivers prepared to launch from the grid
Top performance for Birel ART at Sarno

Alessandro Irlando in KZ and Riccardo Longhi in KZ2 positioned themselves as serious favorites in the double title race.

Anthony Abbasse celebration
Sodi Kart: Fantastic victory for Abbasse at Wackersdorf

Race report from Round 1 of the 2019 FIA Karting European Championship in Wackersdorf, Germany.

The start of a KZ event in Salbris, France
Sodi Kart: Renaudin wins and Petit on the podium in France

KZ2 European Championship Salbris report.

Tony Kart: Top weekend for the Racing Team at the first round of the European Championship

At the International Naples circuit of Sarno, the Tony Kart Racing Team’s drivers cannot take advantage of their good performance in the final.

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Upward weekend in OK for Alex Irlando

KZ2 reigning world champion raced his first race of the season in OK, improving session after session.

CRG: Good race for Hiltbrand at the European Championship in Sarno

The opener of the CIK-FIA European Championship in Sarno welcomed the first podium of the season for Pedro Hiltbrand in OK.

Pedro Hiltbrand
CRG in Sarno for the opener of the European Championship

The International Circuit Napoli in Sarno (Italy) will stage the opener of the CIK-FIA European Championships for OK and OK-Junior from April 20th to April 22nd 2018. The await is mounting ahead of the new season. CRG present in full ranks in both categories.

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Contact ruins Alex Irlando's championship

BirelART's Alex Irlando was flying to his first KZ title when, on second lap, a contact forced him to retire.