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Delattre finds her rhythm on Sunday

After setting pole on Saturday morning, the Northeasterner had to come back after a string of bad heats to make her mark on Sunday.

Emma Delattre. Photo: John Johnson / Kart360

After grabbing the pole position on Saturday morning, Emma Delattre lost her footing a bit through the three remaining heats that day, finishing 11/3/2. However, Sunday she came with her A game, winning the final heat in the morning to slot in third for the final starting grid.

Moving past race leader Axel Cabrera with a handful of laps to go, the Connecticut native immediately put a gap between herself and any potential competition.

Cabrera would slip back another spot in the final laps to Orsolon Racing's Felipe Nicoletti. The third place finish for Cabera was as far down as he had been all weekend, as he was the kart to beat up until the Final. 

With the second place finish, Nicoletti had earned his best finish of the weekend, coming at the most opportune time.

Race Results - Top Five

2018 ROK Festival NOLA Senior ROK Final
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
316 EMMA DELATTRE 1:03.150
303 FELIPE NICOLETTI 0.593 1:03.093
366 AXEL CABRERA 0.832 1:03.233
311 JESSIE JAMES MITCHELL 4.823 1:03.504
352 BRYCE BOADA 5.088 1:03.319
Full standings
Rnk # Driver Gap Best Time
331 ALEJANDRO GARCIA 10.061 1:03.739
388 SAMMY RUCK 10.545 1:03.459
308 PAIGE EVANS 21.285 1:04.117
304 ZACH ROUSE 21.958 1:04.156
313 COOPER HEFLEY 34.98 1:04.366
320 ANTHONY SOBERICK 38.484 1:04.780
300 JOHN ROBICHEAUX 10 Laps 1:03.698
375 JORDAN PULICE 13 Laps 1:03.472
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Johnny Johnson
What we learned: Friday, 2018 ROK Cup International Final

The first cuts are made in Senior, Shifter, Expert, and Super ROK, while Mini and Junior still have work to do.

Thomas Nepveu
Johnny Johnson
Nepveu completes his Super Sunday; Morgatto holds onto Junior ROK Championship

Canadian Thomas Nepveu ran away with the win on Sunday, while Morgatto did enough for the season championship.

Danny Formal, ROK Shifter
Johnny Johnson
Formal fights through heavy rains to win Shifter ROK

From dry to wet, a changing course did not slow down the Costa Rican.

Challenge 2020 Logo Wide 1146
2020 Challenge of the Americas dates and venues released

Season 13 scheduled for premier left coast winter series.

Jason Campbell
Johnny Johnson
Campbell's launch in the Final of Shifter Master was the advantage he needed

A newly energized pace in the 20-lap final at ROK Festival NOLA gave Campbell a surprising win over Jones.

Img 6029
Johnny Johnson
2018 ROK Cup International Final: Thursday

North Americans strewn across the front of Junior ROK, including pole position by Morgatto.